Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For When You're Bored

It's my crazy busy week at work this week... so I'm sorry if I seem a bit aloof and uninteresting.
Since I've been a total slackass in getting a Blog Roll started, I figured I'd just post a random one today, in hopes that maybe you care and will check out these other awesome bloggers. We've gotta support each other, right?!?
This is my all-time favorite blog... I'm addicted!
Through YHL, I found her good friend, Katie, who lives in Atlanta, and whom I am totally going to have take photos of my children one day.
Probably the funniest shit I have ever read on the internet. Ever.
Because I wouldn't be a woman blogger without knowing and reading her...
One of my good friends, who is a Yankee transplant in the south with me.
A great "mommy blog" from a friend from high school.
The wonderful story of my dear friends & their babies
Rach's blossoming sewing blog with lots of adorable baby gifts!
A new snarky, bitchy woman blog that I just picked up that makes me giggle.
Hope you find someone else you love as much as I do! Thanks to all of you dedicated readers and I promise we'll be back to our regularly scheduled life in a few days! Wish me luck and sanity!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bimmer Bump

I'll try to cut back on the baby updates here, but I've got about 13 weeks worth of Spanx-wearing to catch you up on!
Since I'm crazy obsessed with photos (in case you didn't notice) there was no way I wasn't going to document this pregnancy to the fullest. So, in some cruising on Etsy, I stumbled across some belly bump stickers and I had to have them. Plus, I can repurpose them in scrapbooks later on. I'm always thinking people.
The 9 week mark was celebrated in Myrtle Beach (HERE). Overall, Bimmer cooperated other than a few overnight binges of donuts and crackers in the hotel bathroom so as to not wake Puff. And that Sunday morning dry heaving in the hotel hallway, followed by a mad dash back to the room, which concluded with me curled up in the bed, overlooking the ocean, watching HGTV, while Puff went to the pool. This kid is totally gonna owe me one.
It was, however, between weeks 9 and 10 that I discovered my "pregnancy pants." They're a pair of J. Crew lounge pants that we scored at the outlet mall for like $25 that was the best investment EVER. I'm pretty much sure they will be a staple of my wardrobe until May. And the bigger I get, I will probably be less inclined to care what others think, and will probably end up wearing them in public. No shame, people. None at all. Oh, and this was also the week I broke down and bought a size 12(!!!!!) dress pants to hopefully get me through a bit farther. They were too big to wear still, but they were on great sale at Banana Republic, and I figured they'd give me a bit more time before having to succumb to maternity-wear. I'll keep you posted on when they actually start/stop fitting! I did officially start showing (noticeably to me and Puff, anyway) at the 11 week mark. Which didn't make hiding it at work for another few weeks any easier!
Making it to 12 weeks without hating this unborn child was a bit of a miracle. I have my moments. I try not to, but when you're literally feeling sick to your stomach every waking minute (including the waking up in the middle of the night three times to dry heave minutes) it's really, really hard to enjoy being pregnant. I know, without a doubt, this is going to be the most rewarding thing I've ever done with my life... to hold that little miracle. But for the love of Troy Aikman, it's going to take a lot of convincing (or post pregnancy amnesia) to get me to agree to do this a second time around! (Even after anti-nausea pills, I still never felt "right.")
I hear there are perfectly good babies in Guatemala that could use adopting.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

As I'm sure I've mentioned time and time again, Puff's a car guy. After leaving The Ex, who was a comic book/action figure/glorified 8 year old kind of guy, I was happily refreshed. It seemed like something I could definitely get into a bit more than, say, Star Trek conventions.

This photo was taken the first fall we were together, in a tiny town in South Carolina at a school or veterans club or something like that. It was my first foray into the world of car shows. And surprisingly, I didn't hate it. In the 3 years that we've spent blissfully together since then, I've been to better shows and worse shows. I've taken more photos of cars than I could ever need or want in my entire life. I've enjoyed the time we get to spend together when we are there, even if I'm overwhelmed with useless knowledge of the packages offered and the types of engines.

But as Thanksgiving has just passed, and I'm heading into Hell Week at work, I just had to step back and look at my life through rose-colored glasses. I am so thankful for my husband and the life we live. I am so thankful for the baby he has given me. I am so thankful for the chance I took 3 1/2 years ago to go on a blind date with this man. Who knew that car shows would end up being a staple in my life? I certainly never did. But then again, sometimes God has pretty awesome plans for us that we can never begin to imagine.

I just hope those plans someday involve that Audi A7! ::Insert sheepish grin::

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Update

Now that "The Scenario" or "The Situation" is out in the open, I figure I better run down the (kinda scary, kinda ugly) first 8 weeks that we kept (reasonably) well under wraps.
Remember when I mentioned HERE that my girl trip to Folly Beach got off to a late start? Well, that was because my ass was in the ER for 3 hours being scoped out for a possible ectopic pregnancy. It hit me like a ton of bricks... that middle of the night cramping. I knew some cramping was normal, but this was constant. And only on one side. And getting on the InterGoogle at 2am to "research" was probably a bad idea.
A few calls to the doctor, late on a Friday, and blood work followed. When the cramping got worse that night, I made Puff take me to the ER in an attempt to get a vaginal ultrasound done to confirm the baby was in the right place. No such luck. A $200 copay later, and I was sent on my way to the beach with some Tylenol and an order to go straight to the hospital if there was any bleeding. Thankfully, we passed that test and I got my cute little 5 week bump photo on the beach! (After the bartender scoffed at me for ordering a virgin pina colada. The nerve!)
Since the cramping was still constant into that next week, I went in to the doc for that ultrasound. And you know what they found? NOTHING. A blip on the screen was a dark circle of inconclusivity. Apparently I had a gestational sack, but no yolk sack. And they couldn't decide if it was ectopic or not. More blood work was ordered. And the result was that busted vein that had me looking like a domestic violence ad for almost 2 whole weeks.
A week later, I had Puff accompany me to the doctor for a follow-up ultrasound. I was prepared for bad news. I hadn't let myself get my hopes up about the baby to that point. I didn't want pure and utter devastation. However, the second I got deflowered by the giant dildo-like wand, the technician said she saw the yolk sack. And it was not ectopic. A few maneuvers later and at 6 weeks and 2 days, we saw the first flicker of a heartbeat. A rate of 105 was deemed perfect for Bimmer. It was a fantastic day... even if Puff did say the baby looked like a "pimple throbbing to pop." 
By week 7, Bimmer had been on 6 airplanes and had been to South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We're starting this little one off right! Oh yeah... and Bimmer had also been to his/her first prison rodeo. (Expect more to come!) All those flights came just in time to coincide with pretty much constant nausea. It started between weeks 6 and 7 and happened pretty much on the dot, every night at 1am and again at 5am. Those were the worst. Those were the sleeping with a plastic bag in my hand and a pack of crackers on my chest, filling the bed with crumbs. (Don't worry... it got worse as the weeks wore on!) During the day, I drank Sprite and ate Saltines and pretzels almost constantly. I packed on the pounds and felt bloated and gross, even though I knew it wasn't baby weight yet. It was "I'm eating carbs and drinking soda so I don't vomit on my keyboard" weight.

And, at some point, it was bad enough for me to tell Puff I was never getting pregnant ever again. Remind me of that after Bimmer actually arrives and I'm begging Puff to inseminate me immediately again so we can have the Irish Twins I've always dreamed of having!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

She Belongs in the Nut House

Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but I've got to bring an epidemic to your attention: The Crazy Bitch.
I hear all too often from male friends of mine about their wives or girlfriends and their insane antics and it just baffles me. Everything from extravagant shopping sprees to "forgetting" to pay the bills to romantic interludes with other men at out of town meetings to quitting their jobs for no good reason to not being happy for their son when he announces a pregnancy.
It just seems like more and more often, I hear of women who just expect their husbands to keep throwing money at them. You know the last things I had my husband buy for me? Dinner at Chili's, a snow shovel, and half the grocery bill. I just do not comprehend the mentality behind these women. Is it really worth risking having your power turned off to buy a new Iphone? I once knew a woman whose husband was deployed overseas with the military, so she sold their second car for a few grand. You know what she bought with that money? A purse. A motherfucking PURSE. She got a purse for the price of a CAR. Basically, Puff and I spent 10 days in Ireland for less than that. Or, for a non-travel related comparison, that's probably what we spend a year for groceries.
You know how much my purse was? Probably $25 on sale at Kohl's and I'll carry it until a hole gets worn in the bottom. But yet, I see Facebook posts of wives who are hinting at needing $400 designer handbags? Women... get a grip! Or get a job! The worst of these women are the ones who don't work yet their husbands pull down a full-time job, a part-time job, and still have trouble making ends meet. But dammit, when she needs to go on a binge at the craft store, he's got to be the one to fund it? How the heck does that make one ounce of sense?!? If I want to splurge on a wreath from West Elm, it's with my own money. Because I have a job. I split the household bills proportionately to our salaries. We share the domestic work at home. We are a TEAM. And you know what you don't do to a teammate? Treat them like shit.
That's probably what gets me the most irked about these women I hear about. (And trust me, I hear the gripes all the time!) The guys are trying to do the right thing, taking care of their families. But then they get berated all day long by these crazy bitches who send nasty texts, emails, and voicemails. Even their therapists think they're nuts! Now, I've heard of guys being pussy-whipped, but I'm here to point out that not all pussy is attached to a certified nutcase or gold-digger. Puff's a lucky man. ::insert grin::
When I asked Puff what he would do if I asked him for a $400 handbag, he said that if I didn't ask for anything but that for Christmas and my birthday... he would pay half.
Smart man. Smart man.
SAHM Disclaimer: Please don't get your panties in a wad about this. If you're not draining your husband for no good reason, I'm totally cool with you. As long as you don't sit on your ass all day and ignore your children or put them in day care so you can spend all day at the gym and Starbucks with your girlfriends. Then, we might have an issue.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Biggest News Yet


We've drafted a new player. They're a bit undersized and still not quite ready for the starting lineup. But I have a gut feeling they're going to make a giant impact on this team before too long.
We got the good news back in mid-September. Do you know what I was doing earlier that same day? I was at the shooting range. BEST. DAY. EVER.  
My immediate reaction was not the one of elation I had expected. No, it was disbelief. Puff and I had been trying for what seemed like forever (but was, in reality, only a few short months) and so when that plus sign appeared on the stick, I stormed out of the bathroom and demanded he drive me to CVS to buy another test. Or twelve. Thankfully, the cashier didn't question me like they had when I bought an ovulation kit the month prior. Assholes.
After taking another test that evening and one the following morning, just to be sure, I started to allow myself to get a tiny bit excited. We walked through when to call the doctor, when we would start telling family and friends, and I picked out a piece of furniture in the CB2 catalog that would look super adorable in the baby boy nursery in my head. (We all know we already have the names picked out!) All I have ever found missing in my life since I met Puff was a baby. And here I was, finally served one on a silver platter. And all I could think was, "Fuck. This is some scary ass shit!!!"
So... in case you haven't gathered, I'm going to be pretty up-front and real (as usual) with the remaining months of this pregnancy. Just remind me to hide these entries from the kid when they're old enough to read! Oh... and until we actually welcome this little munchkin in May, I figure I need a cutesy name to use for it. Other bloggers I read called their in-utero baby "Cash" or "Peanut" or "Bean." I've decided this little rock star baby will be "Bimmer." (That's prounounced beamer.) What can I say? My baby daddy is into cars!
And we know what store Puff will be running to in January the second we find out the sex so we can snag up one of those bad boys for Bimmer to rock!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Now, I've made no secret of our distaste for New Orleans. I know that seems to be the unpopular take on the city, since so many other people have just loved it. Maybe we just weren't in the right mindset for it. Who knows. Regardless, while we didn't love that part of our trip as a whole, there were great moments.
Like this photo. It was taken early on Saturday morning, before 10am probably, when Puff and I were wandering the streets of the French Quarter. We went off the typical tourist streets a few blocks (per usual for us) and stumbled across some beautiful little hidden gems.
After photographing an old nunnery (is that the right term?) when we walked back down the street, I saw these shadows on the building and just had to stop and click. That early morning stroll with no one else on the streets, hand in hand with my hubby, was the best part of that city. I relish and cherish those quiet moments we have together, experiencing new things.
While we probably will never experience New Orleans together again, I always look forward to our next wanderings. Who knows what city will be next!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For the Listening Impaired

Puff told me that he listened to yesterday's song and didn't understand a word the singer said until he got to the 4 minute mark. ::sigh:: I think it's all that techno and rap crap that Puff listens to has damaged his ears. So, for my listening impaired husband, here are the written lyrics to yesterday's song.

It really is beautiful.

Find Me Here
Speak To Me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That's leading me
To the place where I find peace again.

You are the strength, that keeps me walking.
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting.
You are the light to my soul.
You are my're everything.

How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

You calm the storms, and you give me rest.
You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall.
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away.
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?

How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?
And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

Cause you're all I want, You're all I need
You're everything,everything
You're all I want your all I need
You're everything, everything.
You're all I want you're all I need.
You're everything, everything
You're all I want you're all I need, you're everything, everything.

And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?
How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

18 Months o' Love

Puff and I were married May 15, 2010. That was 18 months ago. I can't even believe how life has changed since then.
The Lifehouse album, "No Name Face," came out in October 2000. I was recently transplanted from The Fort to USC and was in a whole new world. This album resonated with me, as a lot of them do, and Lifehouse instantly sealed themselves as one of my all-time favorite bands.
So when it came time to pick a song to walk down the aisle to, ten years later, there was no churchy crap even considered. Not for this rock 'n roll gal. Nope... there was only one song even in the running and that was "Everything" by Lifehouse. The song sent chills through my body the first time I heard it, and when I listened to it again, in preparation for the wedding, it made my eyes well up with tears.
It is the perfect love song. It was perfect for my wedding. It was perfectly Gail.
What's even more perfectly me? The fact that I timed the whole walking down the aisle thing (picture me pacing back and forth on my deck measuring out the steps, listening to my Ipod on repeat) and that I came out right at the 4:48 mark (in this video). Those who know me, expected nothing less.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Recently, I was at Walgreens (no surprise there, since I swear I end up there twice a week or more) and I got behind a down-trodden man. He was buying a 4 pack of the cheapest toilet paper they had. And he was literally counting out pennies to pay for it.
My heart sank a bit. I spend way too much time being wrapped up in my own little upper-middle class bubble sometimes... driving a nice car, living in a prestigious zip code, wearing nice and new clothes, eating out whenever and wherever I want, traveling the world, buying name-brand groceries. I could've easily handed the guy a dollar or two to help him out, but I worried if that would hurt his pride. He had enough change, and taking a minute to wait in line while he finished his transaction wasn't going to be the death of me.
As we barrel full-steam toward the holidays, maybe it's time for me to take a step back and be grateful for what I have, and to also figure out a way to help those less fortunate. I am the queen of hesitancy when it comes to donating to charities. I have been so jaded over the years that I always worry where the money is actually going. So when Puff's company offered an opportunity to buy gifts off a gift tree for low income senior citizens, I thought that could be my chance.
It's a small step. I realize that. I realize that I hoard my money and don't give freely enough with it, or my time. I am selfish and I acknowledge and understand that fact. Perhaps 2012 will be the year I figure out the best way for me to help someone else, but to also feel OK with that decision. I want to make a difference, but I want to know I'm making the *right* difference.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Have you ever eaten deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough? Well, then you're totally missing out on the sweetest. most divine, most amazing thing God and his carnies has ever created. Seriously... go find some. Right now. I will wait.
So, when Puff and I ventured to our first South Carolina State Fair together in October 2008, it was a grand adventure. I had the day mapped out, down to the funnel cake drenched in powdered sugar pixie dust that I intended to devour. However, a giant Pillsbury dough boy on top of a food truck caught my attention. From there, I was hooked. I will never look at a funnel cake the same way again... not if there is fried cookie dough to be had.
We made the pilgrimmage back to the fair in 2009. However, 2010 had us back in The Fort for a wedding during fair time. And 2011 had us with friends in town  and a trip to Myrtle Beach. So, we missed it again. I hold that guilt like I let down my only child by missing their starring role in their kindergarten play. That's how much fried cookie dough means to me.
So... since I've had a few weeks to mourn the fact that we were not able to get to the fair this year, I'm taking a step and admitting I have a problem. Since I figured this photo of the ferris wheel was more visually striking than me covered in sugar and fried heaven, I thought it would be the feature instead. But don't be fooled... I couldn't frickin' care less about fair rides. I'm pretty sure we're all clear now where my state fair allegiance lies. And who gets all my cash.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Inner Redneck

Puff grew up in Atlanta, yet his family never made it to Myrtle Beach. I kinda thought that was some strange rite of passage wherein every single family had to pack up the mini-van and head to the "Redneck Riviera" at least once. (Once was all we made it in my family... my mom's sorta kinda a travel snob. Now you know where I get it!)
So, when Puff and I were given the opportunity to stay at the fancy pants Marriott resort in MB for a total of $100 for a weekend (never mind the timeshare tour we had to take) I jumped at the chance. I also tried to find some stuff for us to do that was more appropriate for our taste, so we ended up spending the bulk of Saturday wandering Brookgreen Gardens. Being late October, we weren't sure it would be very pretty, but were pleasantly surprised. It was the perfect t-shirt and jean kind of weather.
And this lone gator that was in one of their ponds was really concerning me. Those other people didn't even notice. I suppose that's why occasionally I support Darwin's theory... survival of the fittest would've been pretty awesome to see in action to watch those idiots in their plaid shorts, cardigans, and loafers get attacked by an alligator. ::Insert halo::

Of course, no trip to Myrtle Beach is complete without a stop at one of the 2934083 tourist shops hawking Confederate flag beach towels and baby sharks in jars. We spent more time here than I care to admit... all just looking for a magnet. (I collect them from my travels!) But of course, we had to revel in the abundance of tackiness. You don't get to do that around home very often!
Sunday morning, we were up crazy early, bundled in hoodies and jeans, to take in the sunrise. The vantage point of our hotel on the beach was pure perfection. It had been years since I had experienced a sunrise on the beach. And it was made that much more special by getting to share it with my wonderful husband!
The funniest thing of all was that we ended up liking it way better than New Orleans! Who would've thought that history and charm and cobble stoned streets (plus daiquiris at all hours of the day) would be trumped by ferris wheels and marsh views over broiled shrimp and hush puppies? We won't be rushing back any time soon (especially not during peak season) but maybe in a few years we'll take our kids. And I'll get to play some putt-putt golf!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Today marks the third month of my "Top Ten" list! From the controversial (HERE) to the Skirt! Magazine Facebook page featured (HERE) I seem to have struck on something good here. While a list of movies seemed the natural next segue, I thought I'd jump to a more difficult topic this month. (Always gotta challenge myself, right?) It's difficult because there are just so many amazing places that could fit on this list: Where are my favorite places in the world?
As a rising thirty-year-old (still got a few months of twenties left) I am proud of my accomplishment of having been to 44 states and 30 foreign countries/territories. When I meet people who have never escaped the borders of the state of South Carolina, I kinda cringe. I understand it's not everyone's top priority, but it is one of mine. And with that being said, here are some places I just have to recommend...
My Top Ten Favorite Vacation Destinations (in no particular order)...
1) Queenstown, New Zealand
2) Estes Park, Colorado
3) St. Simons Island, Georgia
4) Maui, Hawaii
5) St. Lucia
6) San Sebastian, Spain
7) Venice, Italy
8) Anywhere in rural Ireland
9) Cape Code, Massachusetts
10) Tallinn, Estonia
Sure there are many different reasons why I love these places. Like the hot motorcycle date along the coast of Maui or the road trip with my then-boyfriend-now-husband through Southern Ireland. One constant? The gorgeous scenery. I'm a total sucker for a place that just lends itself to postcard worthy photos. I am certain there will be plenty more places to amend this list in the years to come... Iceland and Croatia anyone???
Until then... where's your favorite getaway spot?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Man Candy Monday

In another life, I would've married a chef.
No offense, Puff. But I think the last time you tried to cook, I ended up having to give you a tutorial on how to heat up fish sticks.
Right... so, where does this chef thing come from? Tom Colicchio. Ya know... the bald guy who is a judge every Wednesday night on Bravo's "Top Chef." I've had such a thing for him for so many years that when Puff took me to NYC to get engaged, my only request in the whole of the city was to eat at his restaurant, Craft Steak.
However, over the years, some of the contestants on the show have been much more swoon-worthy. Case in point... today's hottie, Sam Talbot. He's from season 2 and I'm pretty sure there's not a hotter man in the kitchen to be found. He's the reason I know what gazpacho is! Although I'd probably never eat it.
Which is probably a good reason why marrying a chef would've been a bad idea. I'd either get crazy fat or I'd piss them off by not eating what they made! Puff hates me enough as it is, since he's a total food Nazi and I (obviously) am OK serving fish sticks for dinner. But who am I kidding? If Sam wanted to take up shop in my kitchen, I'd be putty in his hands. And would at least try whatever he made. As long as he was cooking in only an apron :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

It wasn't until I moved to South Carolina that I decided fall was my favorite season. Actually, it's probably a better assumption to say it didn't become my favorite until I met Puff. That first fall we spent together was magical... trips to the mountains, gorgeous photos of leaves, and that one mile hike up hill for him to tell me that he hated me. (Followed by the first "I love you" of course!) In fact, my first Flash Bulb Friday ever featured one of my favorite fall leaves photos ever!
This photo isn't near as striking to me, but I just can't help but love brightly colored leaves against that crisp bright blue backdrop of a sky. We weren't able to get to the mountains last year and I didn't realize how much it bummed me out until I was desperately taking pictures of our dying dogwood in the side yard just to get SOME photos of fall colors. We headed out this past weekend for a quick trip, even if I didn't score any amazeballs photos.
Here's hoping there are many more falls in our future... preferably with a cute baby to photograph in huge piles of leaves!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Puff

In honor of Puff's birthday today (he's super old... like 34 old) I thought I would post about his fashion sense.

Ya see... I don't know many men who would rock a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and J. Crew (or maybe they're Abercrombie) cargo shorts to take a girl hiking. But don't worry... on our first whirlwind date to the mountains, that's exactly what he did. And I'm pretty sure he wore something similar last time we went hiking too!


Now, don't go getting distracted by my sexy self in this photo (check out those shoes!) because this photo is total evidence that I married a frat boy. This was at Katie's wedding a few years back and he's definitely rocking the southern frat uniform here. Maybe all those years at a preppy college are the reasoning behind why he's a name brand whore and has since insisted on me becoming one as well.


This man's winter staple is a Banana Republic oxford topped with a sweater. A name brand one. Like this Tommy Hilfiger one he was sporting on our trip to Highlands, NC. He has others too. Fancy schmancy cashmere ones. Take a second to bow at his fashion greatness! I've had a few other guys over the years tell me that they wish they could dress this way. I take that as a giant compliment. Not that I can take any credit for his wardrobe other than insisting he be ironed. (For as much as he worries about his clothes, he sure doesn't know how to use an iron!)


What does Puff wear the rest of the year when he's not in a sweater? Well, pretty much the same thing, minus a sweater. LOL. For a man who could wear jeans and a t-shirt and a hoodie to work every day, he chooses to look like this most times. I swear... it kinda sometimes irks me. I'd kill to be able to be casual all the time! But then again... my hubby does prefer to lounge around the house in khakis versus pajamas. I'm pretty sure his mother dropped him on his head as a baby.


While I totally love that my husband is a fashion icon (he he he) I most prefer him like this. Laid back and casual. It doesn't happen too often, but days like these are the days that I feel like we look most compatible and alike. I'm a jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops girl at heart. Sure, I'll rock a cute dress and buy out Ann Taylor Loft on occasion, but that's just not the REAL me. And while this look may not be the REAL Puff, I'll take it from time to time.

I may even kinda sometimes like when he wears his old ratty lightly colored jeans with holes in the knees. Don't worry... they're from Banana Republic. I would expect nothing less.

Happy birthday, baby! I love you with all my heart and soul! Even if you are super old.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cars & Cupcakes

In the midst of all our traveling in October, we did settle down a bit one weekend to host some friends and head out to the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina for some fun.

Ever since 2009, when Puff forgot there was a car show on the same weekend as the David Cook concert, he's been bummed that we've missed the BMW Euro Auto Show. So this year, since M&C were not getting married again, was the first time we had been able to go since 2008. And Puff was pumped! So was Rachel, who is also conveniently into cars. Kimhead? Not so much... but she was game and basically had no choice.
I didn't take nearly as many awesome photos as I normally do at big car shows. I blame the girls for keeping me distracted and the fact that the show was much smaller than previous years. But regardless, we got to dream about our favorite European cars and enjoy a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with friends! (We were still wearing shorts and t-shirts in mid-October. South Carolina rocks!)
However, the star of the weekend was the red velvet cupcake from a Greenville bakery called Iced. They do a lot of festivals and so we've run into them a few times. And I never miss the chance to smash that cupcake in my face. I don't even like icing, but I would bathe in their cream cheese frosting. We strolled the Fall for Greenville food festival that same afternoon and tried everything from pizza to hibachi to lobster mac and cheese to gelato. We watched some Gamecock football on a portable bar in the middle of the street and listened to a pretty good rock band. (I may or may not have previously dated their guitar player!)
All told, it was a great weekend to rest and relax and recoup from all our big travels. Any excuse to do that, hang out with friends, and have sex fantasies about a cupcake is good enough for me!