Friday, April 29, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

I'd rather be anywhere but here today. And by "here" I mean at work. Not the picture. I'd totally be OK being in Queenstown, New Zealand, today. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd be OK being there any day, ever, in the history of days.
I'm going into another busy few days at the office and am dreading it more than usual. So I thought I would think about the most amazing place I've ever been, and dream about my 10 year wedding anniversary when I can go back; this time with the man I love! And hopefully our kids too!
People often critcize me for the money and time I spend on travel. Besides the obvious that it allows me to see parts of the world and learn about different people, places, and cultures, it's theraputic. It's perfect to have memories (and pictures) of overwhelmingly calm and beautiful things. That way I can look at them on days like today and realize what I'm working toward is that. And by "that" I mean the place in the picture.
It doesn't get much better than "that."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Women with Heart

If I was forced to pick one woman who inspires me the most, I wouldn't hesitate to say it's my Granny. (I'd say that even if I wasn't forced!)
From the time I was a few months old, she has practically put her life on hold to help raise me. And even as I push 30, she still comes to my rescue quite often. Granted, these days, it's no longer picking me up from school, but rather mailing me pretzels that can't be bought at stores in South Carolina. More so than even my own mother (shocking!) I would say that she helped mold me into the person I am today. Although, quite frankly, I could probably stand to adapt a few more of her qualities.
Growing up, I always knew where to reach for the best, strongest, helping hand. While she taught me guilty pleasures such as watching game shows & soap operas, plus a love of eating dessert over eating anything else, she also had my back without judgement. When I got into the worst trouble of my life, she was there to lend her support and never once scolded me for what I had done. The love she has for me, and my cousins alike, is a love I hope to one day share with my own children and grandchildren.
As mother's day approaches, it's always great to stop and think back to a woman who has helped you become who you are. And perhaps extend a thank you. I would not be where I am today if it were not for her nurture and care. The admiration and trust I have for her are unmeasurable.
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I was selected for this very special "CleverHaiti" opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog with Integrity. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rub Me Down

In case you weren't aware, your body starts to hate you when you get old.

And by "old" I totally mean pushing 30. (Although I recently decided to let Kimhead try out being 30 for awhile before I jump on board with it.)

Why did I come to this realization? Well, besides the fact that I creak and crack in just about every joint when I try to pry myself off the couch? I recently learned how sleeping incorrectly can screw you up. Waking up one morning, I realized what I had done. In having to avoid sleeping on my still-healing roach baby surgical wound, I had slept awkwardly on my side. And my neck and the muscle headed down to my shoulder weren't having it. I was in agony.

I dutifully dug out my heating pad and mini-back massager, and had myself a pity party. I popped some Ibuprofen and figured it would be fine by the end of the day. Surprisingly enough, when I was actually up and about at work, the pain subsided. Either that, or I was too busy to worry about focusing on it. Because by day 4, I was popping Motrin like it was candy and forcing Puff to attempt to massage out the kinks. God bless him, but he's not the best masseuse. Perhaps there's a class he can take to learn more?

By day 6, I had left a message with my doctor to call in an anti-inflamatory to the pharmacy. And I was digging through a stockpile of old drug samples to find a muscle relaxer. My next move was brilliant; I called and scheduled a massage. Just a 30 minute one, because it was the cheapest, but 30 minutes of pure bliss was in my future. Although, of course, it was day 9 before I could get an appointment that fit my schedule! I figured it was worth the wait. Either that or let the creepy guy at the office have a cheap thrill by giving me the massage he offered!

I was so pumped to get there, I arrived almost too early. Typically, I'd be totally cool with sinking into their big comfy couch in the dimly lit waiting area, listening to calming music, and reading a Glamour magazine. Except... there was a fountain. Just a tiny, table top water fountain that was supposed to send me into a realm of tranquil bliss. But it didn't. Whomever thought stupid water fountains that sound like someone peeing were supposed to be relaxing was out of their ever-loving mind! Thankfully, when I got into the room, there was no water to be had. Although that Celtic-inspired Musak version of "Arms of an Angel" was a bit distracting. I kept wanting to sing along!

Thirty minutes of rubbing and kneading and oil later, I felt like a new woman. No, the pain wasn't completely gone, but she had worked out some of the kinks and I definitely felt renewed. And going into a few busy days at the office immediately following this excursion, it was well worth it. After I took my time getting dressed (I look super cute in my wrap shirt, but it kicks my ass every time I try to tie it on!) I was met by a staff member with a glass of water for my trip to the checkout. Good thinking... because trying to take a drink on their spiral staircase of doom to the exit was a brilliant move. Great way to get sued when I plummet and break my neck!

Or a great way for me to get injured again and need another massage! I see their vision now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My man, Newt

I hate politics.

No, really. I mean it.

I hate how heated people get about it. And how it turns normal, functioning human beings into rabid, crazed, lunatics. Namely, my husband. I hate how fiesty he gets when someone doesn't agree with his line of thinking. That is exactly why politics are not discussed in our home. He can discuss them at work or with his friends. Or heck, even with my Grandma. But not me. Nope. The only politics I will even begin to discuss is how I can't believe gay marriage still isn't legal (ridiculous, right?) and how Sarah Palin totally makes me want to take a vacation to Alaska.

That's it.

So when I recently found myself at the same place and same time as a Republican rally, it was as if the political gods were laughing at the karma bestowed upon me. Living in the great state of South Carolina apparently means that I'm supposed to be a die-hard Republican and be crazy excited about how much winning our state means to the candidates. Yeah... that doesn't really work for me. Not that I'm opposed to Republicans, or Democrats for that matter, but because I just can't get swept up into the hoopla. So when I found myself chatting small talk with the camera man from CNN and then one from FOX News, my inner self was giggling. Puff would be so jealous!

As I found my way out of the sea of old men in suits who wanted to rape me with handshakes, I was stopped behind another posse of candidate chasers. I stepped to the side as I saw who they were fawning over... Newt Gingrich. I'm not even 100% sure why I realized who he was, but there he was, walking straight toward me, and his eyes were fixed on ME. Yes, on the little non-political girl who was just trying to get the heck away from these people! And wouldn't you know it? His eyes never left me. And he completely ignored the 30 or so people who were acting like groupies at a Justin Bieber concert, and he walked straight up to me. He put one hand on my shoulder and shook my hand. I said it was nice to meet him and he told me how fantastic I looked in the color shirt I was wearing. And he told me to wear it more often. And then, to have a nice day.

With that, I smiled, and left him to his admirers. All the while, I couldn't help but laugh because he had once met my friend, who is a reporter, and he told her he really liked her sweater. I guess that's his go-to compliment for the ladies. Hey... whatever works! I just added this story to the roster of hilarious encounters with random people I have had in my life. Puff's favorite is still the time I was talking to this old man at a dinner banquet about the weather. A few minutes later, he walked off to the bathroom and a friend came running up to me to ask if I knew who I was just talking to. My answer? "Some old white dude?"

Imagine my surprise when they said it was Joe Biden. Ya know... the Vice President. Stupid me. Maybe I should watch the news a little more often. Or maybe not. Old white dudes pretty much all look alike.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Whore in Church

In honor of Easter, an inner dialogue during Sunday service at a Baptist church...

Well, there are more people here this week. That's good.

Oh, some of them are more our age. Although most of them have kids with them. We're late to jump on that whole kid bandwagon, aren't we?

Is that the preacher? The preacher was on vacation last week. Well, he is kinda...

No, that's not approriate thoughts for church.

You know what else is not appropriate thoughts for church? Sex. But yeah, I just had to say the word in my head at least once.

Did it suddenly get hot in here? I think so. My thighs are sticking together.

Yup, that's definitely the regular preacher. He is...... married.

And so am I. And I love my husband. Especially when he writes notes to me during service on our program.

Did you SEE that family that just sat behind us? Three boys, all wearing white polo shirts with their monograms on them and blue/white seersucker shorts with nautical belts. Oh! And the dad! He's wearing a bowtie! This church is soooo awesome!

Peace be with you. Or something like that. Apparently in the Baptist church you walk around during this time and meet people. That old man in a blazer is pretty rock star. Oh, hi, Angela. Nice to meet you.

Hold hands to pray. Really? I'm glad I'm not sitting next to some scuzzy person. I don't want to hold hands with the husband. This is ridiculous. I'd hold hands with the preacher though.

Oh, c'mon, Angela, your daughter is like 8 years old. Does she really need to LAY DOWN in the pew?

Something about God. Something else about God. I really should pay more attention. Wow, the preacher is really getting into his sermon today. It's also running long. Do you think we could speed this up? I point at my watch to the hubs.

He writes on his program, "Need to beat the Methodists to Publix?"

Yes, honey. I do. I signed up for church to be an hour long. He's going to run over. And I'm hungry and my thighs are sweating. Isn't there some sort of saying about a whore in church? Did I just call myself a whore?

That couple is cute. With their cute little baby. I want a baby. I could see bringing my kids to the daycare at this church. It's not that far out of the way to work. And Puff actually just looked up pricing for it recently. Awwww... maybe he's up for being a daddy after all. Not like he has a choice.

Puff points out names to me in the Bible. Well, heck, I could've gotten a lot more into church a long time ago had you told me there would be NAMES involved. Malachai is pretty badass. Woops... am I allowed to say "badass" in my head during church? Did it just get hotter in here? No... the preacher just said "ticked off." I think I'm in the clear.

OK, time to collect the money. That lady took the envelope. Do you have to write on the outside who it's from? They might expect us to start coming regularly if they know our names. Gosh, Puff. What were you thinking? Oh, another lady came to take my envelope. I don't have one to give her. Um... does she think I didn't give anything? Now they're not going to let us back because they think we're some church-moochers who just come in and learn about their God and then don't give you money to fund churchy shit like candles and such. Woops... there I go cussing again in church. Good thing Baptists don't have confession. I'll just say a Hail Mary. Wait, do they say that? I don't think so. I'll just say the Our Father. Oh wait, again. I already said that outloud earlier. And seriously... these people do a LONGER version. I don't know the whole last verse. People are going to be looking at me. I've got to learn that crap. There I go again...

Ah, the preacher is walking out. Time to go. That wasn't that bad. I think I could manage to go there again sometime.

But seriously, is it wrong to think the preacher is a total cutie?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

I've probably mentioned before (or maybe I haven't) that St. Simons Island, Georgia, is one of my all-time favorite places in the entire world. A peace just overcomes me when I travel to the far end of the island, away from the hoardes of tourists.
I figured since it was Easter weekend and all, a nice photo of a church might be appropriate. Since I first visited this place when I was 16 years old, I envisioned myself getting married here. The gorgeous lawn and beautiful old cemetery adjacent were to be the setting of my wedding photos. Alas, that's not how it turned out. But that doesn't make this place any less special to me.
I can't wait to be able to go there with Puff and our unconceived children. It'll take on a new meaning to me then.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Like it, Like it

So.... Is anyone else confused by Rihanna's "S&M" song?

No matter how many times I hear it, I want to sing "whips & chains" but nooooooooooooo.... it's all flip-flopped on me and it's "chains & whips."

Gets me every damn time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Tribute to 4/20

In observation of today's date, I thought it was only appropriate to share a story from my college days.
Now, don't go calling me Mary Jane. I know better. I leave the drugs to Puff. (Get it... Puff the Magic Dragon... Anyway...) The real significance behind the term "420" in my realm is that was the room number of my dorm room my junior year of college. Somehow, we scored the biggest apartment on campus and took full advantage of our luck! By far, that year of school held the most excitement, best stories, most love, most heartache, and the best friends a girl could ever need.
To call that year of my life a bit rebellious is probably a vast understatement. That's probably why I have so many fantastic memories! This one, in particular, stemmed from a bit of internet rousing we got ourselves into. Internet chatrooms somehow became a hilarious place when one was drinking and/or extremely bored. So, one night, I met this guy named Matt (or something generic like that) who was from another town in SC, but came to Columbia on business fairly regularly. We chatted for awhile about mundane, boring topics, and swapped photos. He wasn't bad looking. I denoted a loss on the evening, since he wasn't nearly as fun or funny as I wished him to be.
A few nights later, he sent me an IM. (Remember those?) He was in town and wanted to see if I wanted to meet up. It was maybe 9pm on a week night, and I wasn't really feeling it, but I figured, why the heck not? What can it hurt? I was always up for meeting someone new in those days. (These days, I've learned my lesson!) We decided I would just come to his hotel, which was only a few minutes down the street, and hang out there. (Brilliant, right?) So... after securing his name, phone number, employer, and probably his social security number (for my protection) and handing it off to Kimhead, I bid farewell to my roomies and headed off to the Hampton Inn.
He met me in the lobby, looking wrinkled after a long day of working. He wasn't very talkative, or friendly, really. But I went up to his room anyway. I sat in the chair while he sat on the bed. We tried to find a stimulating point of conversation, but it wasn't happening. After a few minutes, he ducked into the bathroom for bit, while I watched TV. After giving it the good ol' college try for about 15 to 20 minutes, I decided he just wasn't doing it for me. So, it was time to leave. I had been gone all of about a half hour to 45 minutes by this point. (I swear, the timing is relevant in the end!) When I got to the parking lot, I called Kimhead to tell her I was alive and on my way home. The following conversation ensued:
Me: I'm alive. I'm coming home.
Kimhead: Good. I'm glad you're alive.
::Quick pause::
Kimhead: Did you sleep with him?
Me: ::giggles:: I'll be back soon. BYE!
The result of my response to her ridiculous question would simultaneously haunt me and provide me one of the most hilarious moments of my college experience. I'm still, to this day, trying to figure out why they would just assume I slept with the guy that frickin' fast! Dude... I know I'm not an angel, but really? Am I that big of a whore to you?!?!?!
I was back to the parking garage by our dorm within 10 minutes. Since we had the "penthouse suite" we had huge window right above the entrance. As I was approaching the building, I could see there was something in the window that didn't typically belong there. The closer I got, the more it came into focus. And the overwhelming urge to fall to the ground in a fit of laughter quickly ensued. It was a giant sign that read: Gail got laid!!!!!
I'm pretty sure when I got upstairs, there were 3 giggly college girls in the living room waiting for my slutty story. Unfortunately, the story of the night turned out to be the giant proclamation of my failed sexual rendezvous with a random guy from the internet. The only way it could even get better was if someone outside our circle had seen it. Don't worry... a few days later, I was in line at the cafeteria in the student union, and a cute guy from my program came up to me to congratulate me.
Damn straight, I got laid in college... just not this night. I do have some standards!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dress Drama

Recently, a friend of a friend commented on Facebook about wanting to get her wedding dress preserved. It wasn't a stupid or ridiculous thought. In fact, I'm pretty sure most women get their wedding dress preserved. This coming from the girl who has been married 11 months and that stupid dress is still hanging from my closet door. And it aggravates me every single day.
So, why haven't I just taken it to the cleaners to get it cleaned and preserved like every other good bride? Well, actually, I did take it once. Until I found out that it was going to cost me almost as much as I paid for the dress. The frugal Duggar-mindset kicked in and I picked it back up from the cleaners before they could do anything with it. I immediately listed it on Craigslist, hoping to get $100 or so from the sale. I never had much interest or feedback. I'm pretty sure a used wedding gown isn't something many people are searching for.
The fact that I cannot close my closet door, due to the hanger from the dress over the top, is an every day annoyance. Yet, I haven't been able to just break down and get rid of it. I'm not typically over-sentimental about these types of things, so it annoys me that I've not been able to take that next step. But at the same time, I've not been rushing out to spend a ridiculous amount of money to preserve something that has no need for preserving. What am I ever going to do with that dress again in my lifetime? My future daughter will not want to wear it. And I've given up the thought of having christening gowns for my unconceived children made from the material. That's just too much effort. Not to mention the fact that I literally have no where in my entire house to store it, if it were to be boxed up. Unless the attic counts. And I'm pretty sure that defeats the purpose.
I would love to be able to find someplace, other than Goodwill, where I could donate it and know that it's going to a good home. I would love for it to go to someone that could honestly use it and appreciate the fact that I gave it up for them to be able to wear. I'm just not sure where to find that kind of place. And I'm just not 100% sure I'm ready to let it go. Oh... that stupid pushing and pulling from society that dictates I should be emotionally attached to a stupid piece of fabric! It just pisses me off! I've got a gazillion photos of me wearing the thing and those will last much longer, and be much more easily shared & enjoyed, than the stupid dress taking up space in The Bungalow's tiny 1940s era closet.
I'm going to make a promise to myself that by the end of the summer, the dress will have found a new home. Either I will break down and pay to have it cleaned & boxed or I will donate it or sell it. I do think if I donate it, I will keep the brooches off the halter top. Those are really the only detail to the dress anyway, and it would be neat to keep those. If I got uber-sentimental down the road, I could have them made into a pin or some hair clips or something.
Props to you brides who want to keep your extravagant dresses. If you spent thousands of dollars on the dress, I can see the mentality behind keeping it. I decided the dress was about the least important part of the day (behind flowers, a rehersal dinner, and other trivial stupid things brides freak out about) so I spent as little as possible on it. Probably, in the back of my head, knowing that it would be something I wouldn't hang on to for long. So, if anyone knows of someone who can use a used dress (worn only once!) or of an organization that would accept the donation, please let me know.
Until then... I'm going to spend that preservation money on a weekend vacation. That's money much wiser spent in our world.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rushing Life is Official

So... I officially figured out how to switch the domain name! Yay! And while the header isn't perfect, it will totally work for now. So, all of you dedicated followers... please change your bookmarks to link to!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Today and tomorrow are going to be very long, hectic days at the office. I feel like I'm running in circles.
Do you get why I picked this photo for today? Ha!
I kinda like that you can't figure out exactly what it is, or where it was taken. Although those from nearby my hometown might be able to figure it out.
I think I like the mystery. I'm going to keep you guessing.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giddy Excitement!

So... I'm one step closer to taking over the world.

Err.... no, that's not right. That announcement was meant to come later. Anyway... the real announcement was that I've wrangled up a new banner to ::fingers crossed:: launch the new domain name & new look at the start of next week!

I was gifted a graphic designer who was going to hook me up with an awesome header for the blog, but we weren't seeing eye to eye. So I took it into my own hands. I'm proud of my accomplishment. For now, it will do.

I'll make an official announcement when I am getting ready to officially tinker (and hopefully not screw up). Don't worry... the current link will automatically redirect you to the new link, so you can save that in your faves! Of course... that's if I manage to do everything correctly!

Fingers and toes crossed!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Choices

Ever feel like you've got a choice to make but you're totally dreading it?
Since I'm anal retentive for planning ahead as much as humanly possible, I've been questioning lately a lot about where our family will end up once we bring our unconceived children into this world. I've been less than 100% happy at work lately. Don't get me wrong... I totally love the actual work I do. But the office politics are so not my scene. And the working nights and weekends are becoming more frequent, and therefore, more frequently a pain in my ass. Plus, there are some changes on the horizon for the fall and I'm feeling a bit pushed into a corner and taken for granted, while at the same time, taken advantage of. Fingers crossed and prayers said that it doesn't come to drastic measures.
I'm just starting to worry how this job will affect not only my time, but my sanity and my overall health, once I have babies at home. It's a field I love and excel in, but it's also a field that is not very conducive to free, unscheduled, spontaneous time. It already drives Puff crazy sometimes. Can you imagine how crazy it would drive children who want their mother? Yes, I realize this is a burden I shouldn't need to be shouldering right now. But Puff always tells me that I have to have something to worry myself over. And for the past week or so, this has taken the cake.
We absolutely love living in South Carolina, but I wonder if being near family would be easier during those prime years of having small children at home. Does moving back to The Fort come into play at any point in time? Or do we take the opportunity to ship Puff off to Germany for a 2 year stint with his company? This would afford me 2 years to be at home with small children before they're school-aged. But can I stand to be in a foreign country at home every day? Talk about a test of my sanity! Although it might lead to some good blogging!
Or do we look at me taking a year or two off work and just staying here, in good ol' SC, and taking some time away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world? Can we afford to do that? Or does our dreaded fear of having to go camping for "vacation" keep me in a job so we can afford the luxuries of life we're used to? Ya know... like a hotel room. (Vacation is totally in quotes on purpose, since camping is seriously, no frickin' vacation!)
Again, this is a pre-mature state of panic I'm experiencing right now. And I appreciate you not laughing at me for it. Insight from parents who live away from the support of their family would be completely welcome. Or suggestions for 9am-5pm, Monday thru Friday jobs would be OK too!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Roach Baby: Termination

Those of you who have been following this blog since its inception know that I had a benign tumor on my stomach that I lovingly referred to as my "Roach Baby." Well, after some debate and basically going against the recommendation of the doctor, I decided to have it removed.
The surgery was last Monday morning and I scored the day off work, which turned out to be a wise move. For some reason, I had originally thought that having a 3 inch incision across the center of my gut wouldn't be all that bad and I could go back to work for a few hours! Puff was sweet enough to take a few hours from his day to take me to the surgery and hold my hand through it all.
I'm not afraid of needles, nor of procedures themselves, but I'm definitely always petrified about how my body will react when it's all said and done. Back in 2001, I had a biopsy that I powered through... until I passed out in the parking lot and felt queasy and light-headed for hours. Having blood drawn is the same way... it doesn't worry me until afterwards when I always feel light-headed. I've spent several doctor's visits sitting on the curb in the parking lot trying to soak in cool, fresh air to get back on my feet. And knowing my body has reacted this way before just makes me even more nervous!
This surgery was pretty easy. I made a very honest and stern request to not be given a play-by-play of the action. Just tell me when I'm done. Apparently, I got 3 giant syringes full of numbing medication injected into me (although I barely felt the first prick) and then the actual cutting out of the tumor was very quick. The stitching me back up was super weird though... I was numb but could feel the tugging, which was flat out creepy. I made sure to sit there for awhile, and hold Puff's hand on the way to the car, just so I wouldn't have any sudden passing out scenario.
Going into the surgery, Puff had joked that he wanted to keep the Roach Baby so that he could always have a piece of me with him. Kimhead even suggested snapping a picture. Now, I know you come here for good entertainment, but once I saw the tumor, there was no way I would subject you guys to that horror! I had initially thought it would be about the size of a blueberry at best. However, it was probably more the size of a strawberry or a walnut in its shell. Knowing it was much bigger than any of us thought, and was apparently starting to attach or grow muscles (I wasn't really listening), I'm so super happy I made the decision to get rid of it before it caused any other problems.
The recovery has been a small glimpse into what I suspect it would feel like to have a C-section. And even though vaginal birth scares the crap out of me, somehow, it seems like a much more viable option to me at this point. I've been pretty sore, but it's waning as the days pass. And bending or sitting has been awkward too. You never realize how much you use your mid-section until it's sliced open!
In the end, it was worth it. Since the tumor was so big, I've been congratulating myself for not just giving birth to a Roach Baby, but rather, Roach Baby Twins!

Oh yeah... and if you'd like to personally request a picture of my stitches (or subsequent scar) I'm more than happy to oblige.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Spring is totally here in South Carolina. Heck, it has been for like 2 months already. I swear there were 70 degree days in February and 80 degree days sporadically in mid-March. Yes, that is totally why I love living here.
In celebration of the pear & cherry trees changing (although they did that back in early March) and the dogwoods and azaleas showing off their beautiful colors, I thought I would post a nice flower photo today.
Never mind I took this photo last July. You get the point. Stop judging me.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Queen's Throne

I know I promised no more decorating blogs, but guess what?!?! Our bathroom makeover is done! It happened a lot faster than I expected, which is always a good thing. And boy is it a good thing! The giddy giggles I've been making for the past week have probably been giving Puff a headache.
As I've mentioned before, I fell in love with The Bungalow very early on. With the exception of the plaid wallpaper in the kitchen and the red paint in the dining room and bathroom. I've grown to ignore the red dining room (but plan to paint it in a few years) but that glaringly dark garnet paint in the bathroom just made me crazy. The room is so tiny that it just sucked up all the light and made it a depressing, dingy place to hang out. Oh, and that horrific light fixture! I started the makeover a few months ago with a crisp white shower curtain and new bronze curtain rod & rings. It helped, but it wasn't enough...

It needed to be updated. Right? So... when we had a realtor come last fall to scope out the house to give suggestions on ways to make the house more appealing, she busted out the term "Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray." And I was hooked! It was the perfect neutral and a great compliment to what we already had in the house. (Like the gray in our new hallway rug from West Elm and the gray in our pillow shams and lampshade in the master.) Plus it made it feel much more modern!
Once the bath was painted (oh yeah, and that popcorn ceiling was removed) I stood in there every chance I could. Why? Because something was missing. I just couldn't figure out what it was. Ultimately, it clicked to get the new light fixture (which is hung upside down so as not to hit the medicine cabinet) and a pop of color with a new shower curtain... from West Elm, of course. The neutral towels & rug still worked fine. And, as much as I hated to admit it, the Asian inspired artwork didn't look as terrible with the shower curtain as I had hoped.
What do you think???


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If You're Tired of the Same Old Story...

5 bonus points to whomever knows what song I'm referencing above!

Anyway... the real point of the story is to just throw out there that there are some changes coming to the site. A new name, revamped look, new logo, and perhaps, a new hosting site, are all in the works. Why? Because it was time to start looking more legit!

I purchased a domain name yesterday and my wheels are spinning on ideas for the new masthead and logo. I've already got a kick-butt new slogan that ties in to the new website name. (Unfortunately, anything mildly associated with the current name was already taken, so it's an entirely new schtick.) And once I have some ideas, I've got a team of graphic designers on standby to start cranking out some options for me!

This whole thing might take a few weeks, or even months. I'm not sure yet. But I'll keep updating until then, don't worry. And I'll give you some heads-up on when the change is happening, so you can change the bookmarks and share the new link with all of your friends!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To The Races

Growing up, my grandpa would take me to the race track on a fairly regular basis. We always placed the same bets on the same numbers, no matter the odds of that horse. Every time I think of horse racing, I think of him. Although, in South Carolina, gaming is illegal. So, the annual Carolina Cup is fun for a multitude of different reasons. Case in point... you get to see this:
Amazing, right?
This past Saturday, Puff and I drove to Camden to meet up with some of my college friends for a day at the track. The basic backstory of this entire event, from our prospective, is that it's an excuse to dress up, sit in a field and drink and eat ourselves silly, and catch up. And maybe, we'll see a horse. But we might not. We met up early to consolidate all our gear (and food) into the pick-up truck that would make its way to the in-field. I'm pretty sure I ate more that day than I had eaten all week.
But it was totally worth it. It kept my mind off it being so cold! Seriously... who told the weather gods it was OK to have temps in the low 50s that morning? Thankfully we packed sweaters and blankets! The highlight of the day was getting to catch up with everyone and spend more time with the new husbands of the group. We tried on silly hats and stalked frat boys with outrageous plaid pants. We took tons of ridiculous photos and escaped having our tent flying away in the wind. Oh yeah, and we did see some horses!
I'll give you a gold star if you can guess which one is me! Ha!

Chilly weather aside, there was no better way to spend a Saturday. My friends are awesome. And we don't do this kind of stuff nearly enough!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is The Life

I don't typically post on the fly on this blog, but I'm sitting outside in the gorgeous 75 degree sunshine and felt inspired! Yesterday, I spent an amazing day at the Carolina Cup horse race with my good college friends. I'll detail that later this week in a more thought-out entry, with pictures.

Then here I am today.... The sun is high in the sky and it's warm, but not too warm that it's uncomfortable. I'm on our freshly swept deck (eh... or partially swept... that shit's hard work) and have a cold glass of lemonade. Or rather, a hot pink plastic beer stein of lemonade. The azalea's and dogwoods are in fiery bloom around the yard and the birds are tweeting in the just-budding trees.

Thank heavens for Puff's work laptop, so I can sit outside in this perfection. (Yes, I'm that behind the times that I don't own a laptop. Word on the street is we're going next week to Best Buy to do some research and then hopefully I'll have one I can call my own by this summer!) Speaking of Puff... a nice big shout out to him in his old, prescription strength bug-eye sunglasses and his tattered Abercrombie shorts.

Right now, he's making that shit look GOOD as he's mowing the lawn. I lucked out with this life. I really, really did.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Dude. Seriously. Look at the calendar.
Happy April Fool's Day!