Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We Made It Through

Every year, I try to do a quick rundown of everything we did for the year. (Last year's HERE) And since I'm nothing if not barely getting this done in time, here we go!
January: We celebrated my birthday and then I flew to Orlando for a conference. A side trip to the coast to visit my mom, and the rest of the month was typical winter nonsense.
February: SNOW! Who cares what else happened this month - we got SNOW!!! And as much as I hate it, it was kinda sweet to snuggle down with my baby girl and watch her experience with wonder the white stuff.
March: A quick little weekend getaway to Charlotte helped us snap out of the winter blues and we did lots of other little local-ish things, like having lunch with Kimhead in a small town and going to the outlet malls to stock up on spring/summer clothes.
April: My parents came to town for a packed weekend visit and we went to Atlanta to celebrate Easter.
May: Bimmer got to fly on her first airplane in May! We had a week's vacation at the beach, visited my mom, and then later in the month, had a few small little celebrations for Bimmer's 2nd birthday.
June: At the end of the month, we hit the road back to The Fort to catch up with family and friends and let Bimmer get in plenty of swim time!
July: Bimmer took swim lessons! Lots of pool time, water park time, and having fun in the sun time!
August: We got to ride the Dinosaur Train!
September: We ventured out with our last vacay of the year to Hilton Head to get in some last minute beach time. It was one of my favorite vacations we've taken together as a family.
October: Our typical over-stuffed month of fairs and festivals. Plus, we found out we were expecting Healey!
November: Celebrated Puff's birthday and Thanksgiving. It was a quieter than usual month this year on the exciting things front.
December: Both Bimmer and I traded sicknesses, but we got to spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy the season. Bimmer saw Santa, saw lots of Christmas lights, and was generally in awe of this time of the year. It's so special to see life through the eyes of a child!
I sincerely hope all of you had a wonderful 2014 and I wish you nothing but the best of life in 2015! I know big changes are coming for us - so it should be a doozy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

31 Month Update

* She is super keen lately on randomly screaming, "There's a bear!" And acting all scared. She loves it when you play along and ask her questions like if it's a nice bear or a mean bear, or what it's doing. I just love her little imagination at work.
* She uses the word "probably" a lot too. (Although it comes out "plob-a-blee") I like to see her reasoning and making educated guesses and properly using the word. It just seems like a big kid word to me.
* As for a stats update, I haven't weighed her recently, but I'd say she's between 32 and 35 pounds. She wears a size 3T in a lot of stuff, even if some of it has room to grow. She does still wear 2T leggings. And for whatever reason, the clothes at Gymboree don't really fit her right. A shame since I know a lot of friends/family like to shop there. Oh well. She is in a size 5 diaper, but hopefully only for a few more months and then we can get her the "Smurf panties" she has been requesting. (Good grief - I'll never find any!!!)
* She was super excited about Christmas this year. She would scream "Christmas tree!!!!!" whenever we would go someplace that had one. She was enamored by the tree we put in her room. She would sing "Jingle Bells" and we watched some of the old Christmas cartoons, like Frosty. She thought the lights were magical and my favorite, she still would call Santa, "Noah" sometimes. Too cute to correct.
* She has started to show more signs of being ready to potty train, but I am holding off until January. (Didn't want to mess with it in December with my hectic work schedule and traveling.) She is letting us know when she has pooped and wants to be changed. And she is staying drier longer between changes and is telling us such. I think January will be the start of it all. Stay tuned... ya know, because you want to hear about that!
* She has had some health issues this month - like super scary ones! She was diagnosed officially with mild asthma. Then a week and a half later (after going through a round of antibiotics for another ear infection and steroids for her wheezing) she ended up with a day of bad coughing and a low fever. I kept her home for the day, and she vomited when she had a bad coughing attack. It was pitiful, but we were managing. By the end of the day, her breathing was very short and labored. Her inhaler every 20 minutes wasn't helping. We finally called her doctor and they had after hours at their office that night, so at 9pm, we took her to see a doctor. Her fever was 100.5 when we got there. They ran a flu and RSV test (both came back negative) and then did a nebulizer treatment for her breathing. When that was over, I felt her and she was scorching hot! (Not to mention her breathing was still the same as when we got there.) The nurse took her temp and didn't even tell us what it was - just turned and walked out of the door to tell the doctor. She came back in and took it again under her arm... 104.9. YIKES!!!! We ended up having to go to the ER. And of course there were like 10 other people in the pediatric waiting room... yuck. They tried to get us to have her wear a face mask. Ha. Good luck with that! Thankfully, we only waited about 15 minutes and they took us into triage. They had to take her temp in her booty (ended up happening 3 times - poor girl). The doctor had called ahead, so they had held a room for us, which was so nice. We were there for over 4 hours in total... she had a chest x-ray (which showed no pneumonia), blood work (which was horrible for me to have to hold her down while they took it - yielded results of an elevated white blood cell count only) and then they did a catheter, since she isn't potty trained. Poor sweet girl! She stayed awake until almost 2am and then finally drifted off to sleep while we waited on the results. Finally, they decided to give her a dose of antibiotic through an IV. The needle wasn't perfect in her arm, so I ended up having to hold it in for the 30 minutes she got it - in the most uncomfortable position ever. But you do what you gotta do for your baby! By the time we got home, her temp was down to 100.4 and I gave her Motrin and we went to sleep. She was still asleep by 10am the next morning. It was so scary, but her breathing seemed to get better and her fever was down. Some bonus pics for you this go round from our adventures...

* I'm not quite sure if it's due to her having been sick or if she's just experiencing some growing pains, but I've noticed Bimmer has been way more tired than usual lately. Her normal schedule for the longest time has been bed at 9pm and waking up around 7am. However, ever since her sickness, she wakes up super tired at 7am, so we have backed up bedtime to 8:30pm. I even let her sleep in a few mornings recently and went into work late. I think we really need to look at an 8pm bedtime for awhile. Sweet girl is so pathetic in the mornings telling me that she needs to "go back night night." Bless her!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry & Bright

I had planned to post this photo on Christmas Day, but ya know, life happened. So, from my family to yours...

And then back to the planned post for today....
Yes, I have tons of Christmas updates to make and I promise I will try to wrap them all up within the next week. To include our trip to The Fort with family and Santa's visit to The Bungalow. But for now, a few random Christmas photos from some of our other holiday extravaganzas!


Bimmer had her second Christmas program at school. Last year, they just rang jingle bells and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. This year? They joined with the toddler class to do Jingle Bells again, but they also sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. She did awesome and we were so proud!


One of our only real traditions that Puff and I have done every single year since we met was to go out to the suburbs to this amazing house to get out and walk around and check out the lights. It gets more and more fun each year now that Bimmer is getting older and enjoying it! We were happy Kimhead was in town to go with us this year too!


The first year Bimmer saw Santa, she was only about 7 months old, and I have an adorable photo of her smiling with her arms up in the air as happy as can be. Last year? It went a little bit the other way with her screaming in Santa's lap. But c'mon, isn't that some sort of right of passage for kids anyway? This year? Well, when we were at the suburb lights, Bimmer had surprised us and willingly sat with that Santa. So when we went to see the real Santa for a professional photo, she was super excited talking about how "Santa is waiting for me!" And that she was going to "Ask Santa about Rudolph!" Then we got in line... and she had a bit of a meltdown. Not an epic one, but definitely didn't want to go. I finally convinced her to sit next to Santa on his chair, not on his lap. And he was great... he started talking to her about her boots (which she insisted she wear) and he finally got her into his lap and she kinda smiled for a few photos. I was so proud of my sweet girl!
Like I said... more to come on all the big gift unwrapping and travels to The Fort and Santa's two-days-late visit to our house! Just be prepared for a few long entries of lots of photos of my adorable daughter opening things. Happy holidays!!!!

P.S. We did Elf on the Shelf for the first time this year. (Her name is Winter.) The first few days, I was super slack about remembering to move the darn thing. But Bimmer didn't really seem too into it. She finally got around to getting excited when she found it, but she wouldn't jump out of bed wanting to find it or anything like that. We also never made a big deal out of the elf watching her to make sure she's a good girl. (Not sure I'm really behind that whole scenario anyway.) So this year, Winter just moved around the house each night... ending up in our spatula container on the counter, a tissue box, hanging on the closet door, in her stocking, driving her car, playing her guitar, and riding her T-Rex on the dining room table. No snow angels in sugar or cute letters or gifts or anything Pinterest-worthy. I wouldn't hold my breath for Winter to EVER be doing stuff like that!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Sound Bite... Monday?

Side Note: I'm on day 6 of a super nasty viral infection that has left me out of work for way longer than I care to be out, curled up in a ball of sweaty feverish mess. It's been ugly. My apologies for not posting more often or better. Or on time.

Over the past few years, my time and desire to search out new music has been super limited. In fact, I don't even know the last time I bought something new. (OK, I do... it was the latest "Theory of a Deadman" CD and I totally hated it.) I think I'm just getting crotchedy in my old age and I'm totally fine sticking to classic rock and Robbie Williams.

Anyhoo... a few months back, my Ipod decided that it was going to get all OCD on me and it was going to play songs in alphabetical order. It's been doing this for awhile now and I was recently on the "P" part of the list. A random David Cook song came on (remember him from American Idol) called "Permanent." And it instantly gave me chills. It had probably been years since I had listened to that song.... about his sick/dying brother... and I found myself sitting silently listening so carefully to the words. They were so powerful and bone chilling. What a horrible situation to be in, yet such a beautiful way to depict hope and understanding.

So, check it out. A little solemn reminder this holiday season that some out there are hurting and sick and need the rest of us to rally around them. There are people that need someone permanent in their lives. Try to be that someone if you can.
Man... one of my all-time favorite voices to come from a reality show. (Actually, besides Daughtry, he's totally my fave. Adam Lambert was awesome - but more for the stage. All went down-hill after that season though.)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas #1

I love that Kimhead and I are such good friends still after all these years that we can still find time to celebrate the holidays together. In fact, she is the only friend I still buy Christmas gifts for. It's not that I don't want to buy anyone else anything, it's just more of a practicality thing. I work a lot of weekends in December, plus we travel to Atlanta and The Fort, so finding time for Christmas exchanges just is near impossible. Plus, Kimhead and I have it down to a science - we each buy the other a calendar for the next year, plus an ornament. We started the calendars in college and then added the ornament sometime a few years later. I wish I had thought ahead enough to label each one with the year. Oh well. Better planning in the next life, right?

I *loved* the calendar she got me this year. And I *loved* the "Aunt Kimhead" ornament I got her! It's funny because each year, we always find we are more excited about one or the other gifts that we give. I don't know I can ever top this ornament!
And of course, she can't leave Bimmer out. She gave her a Frozen book and the DVD Frozen. (We've yet to finish it, but we've started it. I like it so far!) Kimhead has always been the more girly of the two of us, so her gift of a Sofia princess dress with wand and tiara didn't come as much of a surprise. Bimmer certainly loved it!
We went and saw Christmas lights, went out to dinner, went out to lunch, and played a lot around the house (since Bimmer was coming off a few days of being super sick). It was a great quick visit and we're so happy that Kimhead is willing to drive to visit us each Christmas. Bimmer loves to see her aunt and it's getting more and more fun for them each year. Next year - there will be two babies for her to play with! Craziness!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Week Update

Well, we're truckin' right along with this pregnancy, aren't we? (Read about my recap from Bimmer's pregnancy at this point HERE).
So... at 8 weeks and 5 days, we got our first glimpse of our little rugrat. Apparently in just 3 short years, doctor's have changed their procedures and now do an 8 week ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. The baby's heart was just a fluttering and it was the sweetest thing to just get that visual confirmation that our Healey is doing OK so far!
I ended up telling people earlier this time than last. (We waited until after our 13 week ultrasound last time.) But since we had this early ultrasound, and I was having so much discomfort with the morning sickness, we went ahead and disclosed the pregnancy at 9 weeks. It felt so good to not have to sneak off to puke at work anymore and pretend that everything was OK! Although, I did manage to get a stomach bug and fever during that 9th week, which was Hell. And my dumbass stuck it out at work for a half day since I thought all the puking was just due to the baby! Woops!
The nausea did get better after that 9 week mark though because the doctors switched me from Zofran to Diclegis, which is a different anti-nausea medication that I take several doses of throughout the day. I still don't feel "right" so to speak, but I feel infinitely better and the actual vomiting has been way limited. The worst is normally in the middle of the night. It's definitely much more difficult this time since I have an active toddler running around who is a super mommy's girl who just wants to love on me and get my attention. The television has been babysitting way more than I would like it to these days, but I'm just in survival mode.
I've gained about 5 pounds so far. I definitely have had more distinct "cravings" this time around. I have desperately been wanting lemonade. I have an aversion to most sweets (which I did last time too) except sour candies. So lots of Sour Patch Kids!. Last go round, it was Wendy's chicken nuggets that I was always wanting at this stage... not so much this time. I have found that I can psych myself into really craving something though. I will get something on my mind and then never get it off - like KFC chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and gravy, or Ruffles potato chips with French onion dip. Stuff I already liked, just never had that often. I am getting up in the middle of the night with this pregnancy (same as last time) to snack. I have pretty well limited it so far to granola bars, pineapple, peaches, or Saltines if I'm feeling super sick. I somehow feel better about those choices than, say, eating half a gallon of ice cream!
My boobs feel ginormous. They had grown 2 cup sizes during Bimmer's pregnancy and never went back down. I hate them already - they're too big. And they're getting bigger? Puff and I have already discussed that if they don't go down some after this pregnancy (at least back to where they were when this pregnancy started) then we're going to honestly look into a breast reduction in a few years. It will suck, but it will be worth it. I suppose that's enough griping for this go round. We have our next ultrasound at 13 weeks. So blessed and excited to see how Healey is doing! Back in four weeks with more bitching - I'm sure :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Decorate 'er Up

For the past few years, decorating for Christmas hasn't really been something I've wanted to do. Between being pregnant and then having Bimmer and now being pregnant again, my energy just seems to be zapped on other, more important things. However, I refused to be the Grinch. Especially this year when Bimmer is super into Christmas.


We let Bimmer help decorate the mantle and hang all of our stockings.


And you should have seen her face when I came home one night and Puff had put up a small tree in her room. She grabbed my hand and made me run with her to her room to show me that "Christmas is here!" As we were unpacking boxes later that night, she found ribbon I normally put on the big tree and insisted it go on her tree. She also kept grabbing out random decorations and putting them under her tree. How could I tell her no???


I dread putting up the big tree. Actually, I dread taking it down more than putting it up. But Bimmer's joy for the season was palatable. She was very excited and anxious to help put up the ornaments. We did it all slowly over the course of a few days, so it wasn't that terrible. Puff always grumbles about it, but after it was up, he told me that it hadn't been that bad. (He then came to the realization that perhaps he always hated it because he had done it with his mom for so many years and she made it unenjoyable! Ha! Probably on to something there!)
We put up a few small lit trees on our front porch and a small light-up snowman I've had for years. But otherwise, that was it. Simple is good for us! As long as Bimmer is happy with it - then so are the rest of us! Merry Christmas! It's here! (Bimmer reminds me quite frequently!!!)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Frozen Over

After Bimmer had so much fun (and let's face it, me too) back at the Disney Junior Live show this spring (read about our trip HERE) I was most certainly interested in taking her to see Disney on Ice when it came around.
With some research, we found out the opening night tickets were only $15 a pop - so, um, DUH! We talked about it a little bit before we went, but not too much. The night before, when I was putting Bimmer to bed, I told her the next day would be super special because we would get to see princesses. And she whispered, "On ice skates?!?" So sweet!
My heart just melted (and maybe my motherly pregnant hormones got rolling and I teared up too) when she got so excited when Mickey & Minnie came out. The version we saw was called "Treasure Trove" and I loved it because it referenced older Disney movies that I was familiar with - like Toy Story, Aladdin, and Lion King. Their wildebeest stampede during that part was actually pretty darn cool. Bimmer didn't really know all the characters, but she did get excited when she knew one of them... like that "sneaky snook" as she called him (aka Captain Hook) and Tinkerbell.
On the drive home, I asked her about her favorite parts. She told me "the big big crocodile" and the "gnomes." Sweet girl... she had no idea who Snow White was, but gosh darn it, she liked her "gnomes." She waved frantically at them the entire time they were on the ice! Definitely don't have the heart to tell her they call them dwarves. She's just a gnome loving girl. And I couldn't be more proud.
Puff and I are so blessed that we have the time and means to be able to take Bimmer to stuff like that. I know with Healey coming soon, things will change somewhat. We will have to be more selective sometimes about things like this. But I am going to expose them both to as much as I can and give them all the joy that I had as a little girl, and the joy I get from watching Bimmer is just unmatched. Next up? The circus comes to town in a few months!
When we were walking out of the arena, Bimmer mentioned cotton candy. I had no idea she even knew what that was, but we promised to get her some at the circus. I'll be much more pregnant by then too... and I'm certain Healey will insist on me sharing with her. Can't wait!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I've written before of our love affair with Asheville, NC. It's an easy drive for us and the town is just so cute. Well, for years, I have heard about the Grove Park Inn, which is this fancy pants hotel just outside town. While Puff and I would love to be able to escape there for a little adult's only retreat, the reason I was anxious to visit at this time of year was to see the National Gingerbread House Competition.
I wasn't really sure what to expect, but on a dreary rainy Sunday at the end of November, we figured it was our best option to get out to do something fun as a family together. (I was also feeling significantly better on my anti-nausea meds, so I was ready to get out of the house for a change!) We made the drive uneventfully, if not slower than usual because of the rain, and got there late morning. There was a line to get in to park, but I have to give their staff a shout-out. They were standing outside in the rain guiding and helping people to find parking and they were all super nice. Yay for customer service!
They had the hotel beautifully decorated with lots of trees and little nooks & crannies full of different levels of gingerbread houses. We snacked on a bagel and looked out the window at the gorgeous hotel (which I'm certain is much more gorgeous in spring and fall) and just enjoyed our time together. It was really a laid back day, which is so different for us!
Some of the top winners were absolutely incredible and seems near impossible that someone could make that out of something edible! What time and dedication... that I do not have! Bimmer did start to act up a little bit, so we opted to wrap up the wandering and hit up their restaurant, Edison, for lunch. I figured it would be mediocre and overpriced hotel food, but it actually really surprised us. (Probably shouldn't underestimate such a nice establishment!) They had an awesome beer selection for Puff, an understanding waiter for Bimmer, and a delicious fish sandwich for ol' preggers over here.
Highlight of the day? When Bimmer decided to stand on a chair in the restaurant, sing "Ring Around the Rosey" and scream "asses! asses!" as loudly as possible while looking at the gentleman at the next table.
Stay classy, folks.
Sidebar: My friend's new book released today on Amazon, Natural Love. Make sure you stop on over and buy it!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rushing Life Gift Round Up

Can you believe it is already December? I swear, days just seem to fly by anymore. Christmas is literally just around the corner. I have a few more presents to buy (which is totally unlike me) but feeling sick with this baby has just stifled my enthusiasm for anything more than laying on the couch.
Prior to finding out about my pregnancy, I had sent Puff a list of things I wanted for Christmas. Some of them are going to be null & void now, like this leopard print belt from LOFT that I had spied over on the Mix & Match Mama...
And these pants from Banana Republic...
Not gonna really need those right about now with this already growing baby bump. So maybe there were a few things he could still get me. Like this Kendra Scott necklace that would be insane in just about any color...
Or perhaps one of these puppies...
Of course it wasn't until about a week ago that Puff and I had this random conversation about how we shouldn't have bought each other gifts (especially since I always know what I am getting - he's horrible with any type of surprise gifts) and that we should have just saved our money and worked on stuff we need together for the house - like a new TV, sheets, and a vacuum. Maybe we'll try that route next year.
It wasn't until after I had already sent all my ideas to Puff that we got the new Vineyard Vines catalog in the mail. I resisted looking at first, knowing I'm preggers and can't fit into anything. But then I found these pajamas and fell in love. I left the catalog on the table... hoping Puff takes a big ol' hint!
As for Bimmer for Christmas? Well, I'd like to say that I stuck with my plan of not overloading her with much (since my parents will spoil her rotten) but that didn't quite go as planned. One thing we still have yet to buy that we are contemplating?
Bimmer loves her some cars and she gets so excited whenever she sees a Mini Cooper. She tells us all the time that she needs a pink one. Who are we to deny a girl her dream car? Yikes... still contemplating it, but it will probably end up in our shed sooner or later. Still deciding if we're better off waiting until her birthday instead, since she would be able to actually use it more if she got it in May. Decisions, decisions.
So... how are you doing with your holiday shopping? Did you brave Black Friday? (I stayed in my jammies, thankyouverymuch.) Anyone else freaking out that Christmas is seriously only a few short weeks away! Where did this year go?!?!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

8 Week Update

So here's how I plan to work these updates. My hope is that I can do them monthly and include a side-by-side bump comparision between Bimmer's and Healey's pregnancies. I will also hopefully find time to be able to link up from the same update from last go round. Check out my first bump update with Bimmer HERE. Of course, I am a pregnant mother of a toddler who also works full-time, so one never knows how according to plan this will all go. We are most definitely winging life these days. God help us all.

First things first... how did we get here???

Well, back when Puff and I first decided to talk about kids, we were so set on wanting Irish Twins. Then I had a difficult pregnancy and a demanding newborn, and we came to our senses. We put off a second baby for at least a year. Then a few more months. We finally came to the "decision" that 2014 would be our "year of the decision." Either we would try to get pregnant, get pregnant, or accept that Bimmer was the perfect only child. Puff was pretty convinced that Bimmer was good as an only child. However, I was on the fence. Like literally dangling with feet on both sides. There were pros and cons to both and I was so torn. I wanted the universe to make a decision for us.
We finally decided to try for a few months (that would yield a March/April/May baby - which are ideal baby times for me that equal no hugely pregnant South Carolina Augusts to live through.) Alongside this, I was having repeatedly bad pap smears come back. Finally, in September, after a few months of baby attempting, I was kinda getting tired of it all. And my doctor told me that I needed to have a LEEP procedure done to just ward off any bad va-jay-jay omens and move forward with my life. And that meant no trying for babies while I worked that situation out. Looked like the decision had been made... Bimmer was going to be an only child. I was 100% OK with that decision. In fact, I started researching B&Bs in Newport, RI, for Puff and I to take a 2015 anniversary trip without Bimmer. I even requested a week off for a trip to the Turks & Caicos. Life was moving on and I was excited to do so.
Then, one morning the week of Halloween, I woke up feeling nauseous. It passed by the time I got out of the shower. The next day, I got to feeling sick mid-morning at work. I ate a biscuit and it was better. A few co-workers questioned if I was pregnant. There was no way... I had had my October period. Right on time, normal and everything. But then I got to thinking... my breasts had been a little sore. I was super tired. Maybe? Nah... but I would take a test anyway. You can imagine my pure and utter shock when I saw two lines on that test. I stuttered to call for Puff into the bathroom. It had to be wrong - there was no way. So I waited an hour and took another one. This time, the two lines were immediate. Yup... I was pregnant. Puff and I were both in a state of shock. I couldn't believe that our life was about to get flipped like this, when we had thought we were done with the thought of a second baby. Puff was scared about our financial situation welcoming another baby.
I scheduled a doctor's appointment, but it wasn't for a few more weeks. Then... the nausea hit full force. I dug out some old Zofran from Bimmer's pregnancy and it helped some. I called and begged the nurses to call me in more. One day, during week 8, when I was out of my medication, I actually had to call in sick to work because I was so sick to my stomach. It was just like the last pregnancy... nausea hit exactly at 6 weeks, which is how I knew how far along I was, since I hadn't missed that period. How was the pregnancy otherwise up to week 8? Well, seeing as I only knew for two of those 8 weeks, it was pretty steady. Just lots of head-in-the-toilet time. Even on medication.
Wow... here we go. Baby Healey is on his/her way. When I asked Bimmer if she knew what was in my belly, she said "my baby!" I didn't even know that she knew that's where babies came from. Smart little girl. As for our preference as for a boy or a girl? Well, of course, first and foremost, I just want a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Besides that, it doesn't really matter. Most people are pulling for a boy, so we can have one of each. But Puff and I really would prefer a girl. We have all the stuff and Puff seems comfortable in knowing what to do with a daughter. It won't matter though. We have names picked out for each (even if my mom and grandma hate our boy name) and we are just rockin' and rollin' til June. I cannot wait to meet Healey.
Our lives are never going to be the same.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Expanding our Garage

Remember that time I was the most super awesome girlfriend EVER and surprised Puff with an Austin Healey at our engagement photo shoot?


I mean, not to KEEP or anything. But as something cool to have in our shoot and for me to gain some brownie points. That was back when I was still trying to impress him. My, how times have changed.

To say Puff likes cars is a bit like me saying that I like brownies. And Jason Statham. Or Jason Statham serving me hot brownies in bed. Basically, the understatement of the century. But ever since that photo shoot, I've had a bit of a soft spot for that little British car.

Over the past year or so, Puff and I have been taking a lot of stock of where we are in life. What is the next logical step, what do we do with our house, with our family, with our future. We have been watching our finances and trying to make smart decisions. We have always thought a little bit about expanding the garage, so to speak. (Even though The Bungalow is, sadly, garageless.) Right now, we have three... my car, Puff's car, and our small fun convertible. It seems to suit our life and our needs perfectly, but we always thought maybe something was missing. So we hemmed and hawed about it, did a ton of research, had a lot of in depth discussions. The timing wasn't right, then it was, and then it wasn't again. Did we really *NEED* to add to the chaos we already live in?

Turns out, the answer was yes. So at the end of October, we decided we needed that Healey...

Baby Healey will be joining big sister, Bimmer, in June 2015!!!


Lots of excitement (and nerves and morning sickness) happening around here. But lots of updates to come! Stay tuned... and we hope you'll be happy to join us on this new journey!