Friday, November 11, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Have you ever eaten deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough? Well, then you're totally missing out on the sweetest. most divine, most amazing thing God and his carnies has ever created. Seriously... go find some. Right now. I will wait.
So, when Puff and I ventured to our first South Carolina State Fair together in October 2008, it was a grand adventure. I had the day mapped out, down to the funnel cake drenched in powdered sugar pixie dust that I intended to devour. However, a giant Pillsbury dough boy on top of a food truck caught my attention. From there, I was hooked. I will never look at a funnel cake the same way again... not if there is fried cookie dough to be had.
We made the pilgrimmage back to the fair in 2009. However, 2010 had us back in The Fort for a wedding during fair time. And 2011 had us with friends in town  and a trip to Myrtle Beach. So, we missed it again. I hold that guilt like I let down my only child by missing their starring role in their kindergarten play. That's how much fried cookie dough means to me.
So... since I've had a few weeks to mourn the fact that we were not able to get to the fair this year, I'm taking a step and admitting I have a problem. Since I figured this photo of the ferris wheel was more visually striking than me covered in sugar and fried heaven, I thought it would be the feature instead. But don't be fooled... I couldn't frickin' care less about fair rides. I'm pretty sure we're all clear now where my state fair allegiance lies. And who gets all my cash.

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