Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For When You're Bored

It's my crazy busy week at work this week... so I'm sorry if I seem a bit aloof and uninteresting.
Since I've been a total slackass in getting a Blog Roll started, I figured I'd just post a random one today, in hopes that maybe you care and will check out these other awesome bloggers. We've gotta support each other, right?!?
This is my all-time favorite blog... I'm addicted!
Through YHL, I found her good friend, Katie, who lives in Atlanta, and whom I am totally going to have take photos of my children one day.
Probably the funniest shit I have ever read on the internet. Ever.
Because I wouldn't be a woman blogger without knowing and reading her...
One of my good friends, who is a Yankee transplant in the south with me.
A great "mommy blog" from a friend from high school.
The wonderful story of my dear friends & their babies
Rach's blossoming sewing blog with lots of adorable baby gifts!
A new snarky, bitchy woman blog that I just picked up that makes me giggle.
Hope you find someone else you love as much as I do! Thanks to all of you dedicated readers and I promise we'll be back to our regularly scheduled life in a few days! Wish me luck and sanity!

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