Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cars & Cupcakes

In the midst of all our traveling in October, we did settle down a bit one weekend to host some friends and head out to the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina for some fun.

Ever since 2009, when Puff forgot there was a car show on the same weekend as the David Cook concert, he's been bummed that we've missed the BMW Euro Auto Show. So this year, since M&C were not getting married again, was the first time we had been able to go since 2008. And Puff was pumped! So was Rachel, who is also conveniently into cars. Kimhead? Not so much... but she was game and basically had no choice.
I didn't take nearly as many awesome photos as I normally do at big car shows. I blame the girls for keeping me distracted and the fact that the show was much smaller than previous years. But regardless, we got to dream about our favorite European cars and enjoy a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with friends! (We were still wearing shorts and t-shirts in mid-October. South Carolina rocks!)
However, the star of the weekend was the red velvet cupcake from a Greenville bakery called Iced. They do a lot of festivals and so we've run into them a few times. And I never miss the chance to smash that cupcake in my face. I don't even like icing, but I would bathe in their cream cheese frosting. We strolled the Fall for Greenville food festival that same afternoon and tried everything from pizza to hibachi to lobster mac and cheese to gelato. We watched some Gamecock football on a portable bar in the middle of the street and listened to a pretty good rock band. (I may or may not have previously dated their guitar player!)
All told, it was a great weekend to rest and relax and recoup from all our big travels. Any excuse to do that, hang out with friends, and have sex fantasies about a cupcake is good enough for me!

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