Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

I'm back with October's list of crap you don't really care about, but since I feel compelled to share, you're just gonna have to read it anyway. ::Insert me sticking my tongue out in rebellion:: Last month's List o' Names (HERE) was very well-received and a bit of a pot stirrer. I figure this month's list won't be quite as controversial and hopefully I don't piss off as many readers!
As you should all know by now, I'm totally into music. Never mind my inability to sing and my lack of interest for instrument playing. Those issues were toppled by my love of musicians, especially bass players. Plus the whole mentality of music... the way it sucks you in, makes you feel good, tells a story for you when you can't find the right words. This was probably the hardest list to make, and we all know I'm a total OCD list maker over here. (C'mon, you know you totally re-write your grocery list to put it in order by the store aisles. Who's with me? Anyone?)
So.... in no particular order... My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Songs (for the moment):
1) "Lost Realist" by Trapt
2) "The Last Resort" by The Eagles
3) "Unwell" by Matchbox Twenty
4) "Sin, Sin, Sin" by Robbie Williams
5) "Lifetime of Dreams" by Journey
6) "When We Were Young" by Take That
7) "Follow Your Dreams" by Poco
8) "Everything" by Lifehouse
9) "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" by Billy Joel (which narrowly beats out "We Didn't Start the Fire")
10) "Peace of Mind" by Boston
Seriously. Crazy. Difficult. Wowza! There are so many other amazing songs I would have loved to include like "Open Arms" by Journey or "Call Me" by Shinedown or even "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry. Perhaps "Telluride" by Tim McGraw or "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand. Plus basically the entire collection ever recorded by Robbie Williams.
Any songs where you think of me when you hear them? Anything you think I totally missed? What tops your list?

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