About Me

For the sake of this blog, my name is Gail. I'm a rising thirtysomething who has happily existed as a Yankee transplant for the past 11 years in the sunshiny state of South Carolina. In my spare time, I hold down a full-time job in the corporate world. Since I greatly appreciate the financial assistance offered by said job, you won't get any more details. Other than that, I try to travel and photograph as much as possible to save up stories to tell my grandkids.

In May 2010, I married the coolest guy I know: Puff. He's a born and bred southerner who manages to go to work every day at a job that pays our bills and keeps me spoiled with extravagant vacations. His fascinations with classic cars, hikes to waterfalls, and loose women keep me virtually always entertained. Our combined ADD for life makes for fantastic misadventures and equally entertaining stories.

Two years later, we welcomed our rough & tumble, chaotic daughter, Bimmer. She is a non-stop wild woman on an adventure all her own. She doesn't detract from our fun, she just adds to it!

We live together in a storybook home dubbed "The Bungalow." It's storybook size, that is. With only one bathroom. I'll give you a second to let that sink in. Our 1940s era home and I have a love-hate relationship, so expect some dalliances in remodeling & redecorating to pop up now and again. That being said, I'm pretty open about the fact that I fell in love with The Bungalow before I fell in love with Puff. And it didn't make me hike a mile uphill to tell me it loves me back.

The purpose of this blog is to share our story; the good, the bad, and occasionally, the ridiculous. Puff and I possess an unbridled zest for life that always keeps us on the go. In the process of all that rushing, we've pocketed some antecdotes, tidbits, and advice for how to keep the honeymoon in high gear.

This is the real life, unaltered, rundown of our adventure in this world. From the mundane to the monumental, we don't rush through life, we rush toward it.