Friday, November 18, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Now, I've made no secret of our distaste for New Orleans. I know that seems to be the unpopular take on the city, since so many other people have just loved it. Maybe we just weren't in the right mindset for it. Who knows. Regardless, while we didn't love that part of our trip as a whole, there were great moments.
Like this photo. It was taken early on Saturday morning, before 10am probably, when Puff and I were wandering the streets of the French Quarter. We went off the typical tourist streets a few blocks (per usual for us) and stumbled across some beautiful little hidden gems.
After photographing an old nunnery (is that the right term?) when we walked back down the street, I saw these shadows on the building and just had to stop and click. That early morning stroll with no one else on the streets, hand in hand with my hubby, was the best part of that city. I relish and cherish those quiet moments we have together, experiencing new things.
While we probably will never experience New Orleans together again, I always look forward to our next wanderings. Who knows what city will be next!

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The Fischer Family said...

Beautiful picture! And I think the word you were looking for was convent! ;-)