Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Today marks the third month of my "Top Ten" list! From the controversial (HERE) to the Skirt! Magazine Facebook page featured (HERE) I seem to have struck on something good here. While a list of movies seemed the natural next segue, I thought I'd jump to a more difficult topic this month. (Always gotta challenge myself, right?) It's difficult because there are just so many amazing places that could fit on this list: Where are my favorite places in the world?
As a rising thirty-year-old (still got a few months of twenties left) I am proud of my accomplishment of having been to 44 states and 30 foreign countries/territories. When I meet people who have never escaped the borders of the state of South Carolina, I kinda cringe. I understand it's not everyone's top priority, but it is one of mine. And with that being said, here are some places I just have to recommend...
My Top Ten Favorite Vacation Destinations (in no particular order)...
1) Queenstown, New Zealand
2) Estes Park, Colorado
3) St. Simons Island, Georgia
4) Maui, Hawaii
5) St. Lucia
6) San Sebastian, Spain
7) Venice, Italy
8) Anywhere in rural Ireland
9) Cape Code, Massachusetts
10) Tallinn, Estonia
Sure there are many different reasons why I love these places. Like the hot motorcycle date along the coast of Maui or the road trip with my then-boyfriend-now-husband through Southern Ireland. One constant? The gorgeous scenery. I'm a total sucker for a place that just lends itself to postcard worthy photos. I am certain there will be plenty more places to amend this list in the years to come... Iceland and Croatia anyone???
Until then... where's your favorite getaway spot?

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