Monday, November 7, 2011

Man Candy Monday

In another life, I would've married a chef.
No offense, Puff. But I think the last time you tried to cook, I ended up having to give you a tutorial on how to heat up fish sticks.
Right... so, where does this chef thing come from? Tom Colicchio. Ya know... the bald guy who is a judge every Wednesday night on Bravo's "Top Chef." I've had such a thing for him for so many years that when Puff took me to NYC to get engaged, my only request in the whole of the city was to eat at his restaurant, Craft Steak.
However, over the years, some of the contestants on the show have been much more swoon-worthy. Case in point... today's hottie, Sam Talbot. He's from season 2 and I'm pretty sure there's not a hotter man in the kitchen to be found. He's the reason I know what gazpacho is! Although I'd probably never eat it.
Which is probably a good reason why marrying a chef would've been a bad idea. I'd either get crazy fat or I'd piss them off by not eating what they made! Puff hates me enough as it is, since he's a total food Nazi and I (obviously) am OK serving fish sticks for dinner. But who am I kidding? If Sam wanted to take up shop in my kitchen, I'd be putty in his hands. And would at least try whatever he made. As long as he was cooking in only an apron :)

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