Thursday, October 13, 2011

If I Were a Cheater

I've decided if I could have an affair, it would be with the Audi A7.
No shame here, folks. Puff's a car guy. I'm sure he would understand.
A few months back, I made the scary trip to the car wash alone. (Yes, it freaks me out for some reason.) All the while I was waiting for them to dry off my SUV, I was making googly eyes at the guy in the black Audi A7 that had pulled in next to me. Er, well, I wasn't actually paying any attention to the guy. It could've been George Fucking Clooney for all I cared.
Nope. I was making love with my eyes to that fantastically sexy and seductive car.
In a few years, if Puff is allowed to get a BMW 3 series convertible for his mid-life crisis, then I should be allowed to have my own "toy" as well. C'mon, it's only fair.
Oh, Audi A7, the fun we could have. Purr.

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