Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Girl Time

The weekend may have not started off as planned, but a girl's trip is a girl's trip, even if you're a few hours behind schedule.
And waking up to this view from our ocean front room at The Tides on Folly Beach was worth the effort. Three tired and hungry girls hit up a Chick-fil-A (because, according to Puff, white women LOVE some chicken biscuits) and then plopped our butts poolside. Once the bar opened, pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris were immediately in hand.
A freak 20 minute downpour sent us running for cover, but once it passed, we were able to take a long stroll along the beach. The light was picture perfect and every photo I took popped with gorgeous color. This is Kimhead prancing in the water. As someone who does not like sand and would prefer to wear galoshes whenever on the beach, I was just proud of myself that I didn't have a mental breakdown from the sand on the bottom of my feet.
Some time at the market in downtown Charleston, followed by some fresh seafood, and capped with a Gamecock victory, and Saturday turned out to be pretty damn awesome.
Sunday morning, we milked every last second of pool-overlooking-the-beach time before checking out. (BTW... the hotel was perfectly located and was OK, but the service sucked donkey balls!) Then we drove to the end of the island for a longer-than-anticipated hike over some dunes in the scorching heat to see the famed Morris Island Lighthouse. Poor Rach was so hot! But I got some awesome photos. I'll plan to feature my favorite in an upcoming Flash Bulb Friday. Stay tuned!
The Angel Oak on John's Island was another epic fail. Now I know why I try to plan this stuff out ahead of time! Work had just been too busy. Anyway... we drove the 15 miles over to see this giant ass tree. Only to arrive and the gates still be an hour from opening. I was able to snap a few halfway decent pics through the chain-link fence. Lunch at the super delish East Bay Deli made everything alright. Even if their waitresses were wearing capri sweatpants. Who am I kidding? I was super jealous.
Girl time is good for the soul. Thanks Kimhead and Rach for taking the trip with me! It was exactly what I needed. And probably need about once a month. Whatcha think?

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Kimhead said...

I am down with once a month. Sign me up for the next one!