Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ring up the Register

Before I start to get into some more serious topics in the next few posts, I just had to share...
How in the world am I going to ever deny my baby Bimmer anything in her life? I only went to two stores and came home with this much stuff for her. This much MORE stuff... since I am so certain Aunt Kimhead and Aunt Rachel are already stockpiling stuff for her. Oh yeah... and my parents too. I'm quite certain they ran straight to Babies R Us the moment they heard Bimmer was a girl!
I even showed a ton of will power with these purchases. I skipped the zebra print pants and the baby jeggings. I skipped the plaid overalls. I skipped the cute little onesie with a giraffe on it. I skipped the three-pack of ruffled Gamecocks onesies!
Now we just gotta shift our focus to the baby registry. We already have the stroller, car seat, carrier, monitor, and swing/seat. Any suggestions from the moms on what I need to make sure not to forget?!?!

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