Thursday, January 12, 2012

Halfway Baked

Wowza... am I getting big or what?!?!

Oh wait... awesome news! Twenty weeks marks the halfway point! Are you even serious?!?! That's so nutty to think that I'm halfway done with all this nonsense. (Yes, I'll relish in the final product of all this baby-baking, but it kinda sucks in the interim!) And on January 16th, we get to find out if we're welcoming baby KT or baby KA. Yeah, sorry, that's all you're getting. The kid is probably destined to always be Bimmer in the blogosphere. (And if I weren't unemployed, I'd totally be stirring up ideas on what to call the next one!)
In general, I'm feeling OK. I'm down to taking the anti-nausea meds about once every 36 to 48 hours. Such a difference from the 24/7 grossness I felt for so many weeks. (Yup... I'm still on sharing that story. Don't worry, when Bimmer's 30 and getting married, I'll totally be telling their spouse about how much I hated being pregnant with him/her.) The latest fun has come with the round ligament cramps and pain. Sometimes it's mild and located more on the side. Sometimes it's pretty intense and the only way to make it feel remotely better is to lay on my side and down glass after glass of cold water. I have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better. Plus, my skin is soooooo weird! My acne is worse than it's ever been, but the bumps I always had on the backs of my arms are totally gone. Can't make up its mind!

Oh! And the most exciting news of all?!?! I've felt the baby moving around. OK... or well, at least that's what I *think* is happening. Either that or my insides are totally flip-flopping around in there. It's just a really weird, hard to describe sensation. It's definitely not gas or being hungry. Those are pretty vocal afflictions these days. I read that Bimmer's the size of a small cantelope right now. I'm not sure why all the books are always referencing size in comparasion to fruits. ::shrug:: I've gained about 15 or 16 pounds total since this all began. (Those daily unemployed poptarts that happen around 10am each day probably aren't helping!) But after losing 3 pounds in early December and staying stagnant on my weight gain for a whole month, I'll take the 3 or 4 pounds I've since re-gained. Although that number on the scale is totally scary. I guess it's for a good cause though, right?

I will have more to share next week after my doctor's appointment and the ultrasound! Anyone want to start taking guesses on the gender of this kid? I don't have any feeling one way or another. And the general consesnsus is well... pretty split 50/50. Puff thinks it's a girl, just because he thinks God is going to punish him for preferring a boy. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see! Here's hoping the kid cooperates!
Update: This was pre-written prior to yesterday's emergency trip to the labor & delivery ward. I was having agonizing pain in my abdomen and the doc thought it could be my appendix. They pretty much ruled that out (unless I get a fever and start vomiting here soon) but think I might have a kidney stone. I have crystalized pee, apparently. Yup... I'm rockin' some knock-off Swarovski urine over here. Don't be jealous.

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