Monday, January 23, 2012

I Need Work

I have never in my entire life been so happy about paying bills.
That's because last week, after a seemingly endless wait-and-see cycle, I finally got my first unemployment check. And it was back-dated to include three full weeks. Praise Emmitt Smith! Let's rejoice!
Those of you who are regular followers know that I've been battling some depression lately. (Expect a follow-up blog on that topic soon.) And 99% of that stems from not having a job. And while receiving weekly unemployment checks definitely helps ease our financial burden (even if it is less than half of what I was bringing in) it definitely doesn't combat all of the problems. I just need to see it and accept it as a STEP. It's one STEP forward. And in order to get back to where we were before my fall from grace, there have to be a lot more STEPS involved.
I am constantly trying to take another STEP as well... getting in for an interview. I feel like I have applied for every job available in my field from here to Minneapolis with only one solid call-back. Funny enough, it was for the job I was least qualified for, so I didn't get it. Never thought I would. That's OK. I don't think writing press releases about shoe stores was going to bring me much joy. I know it's a "bad economy" and so on and so forth. My industry is such a niche market, though, that I guess I disillusioned myself into thinking that if something came up, I would get it. With the exception of one job ever, I've always been offered a job I interviewed for! I'm a hard worker and very dedicated. I bust my butt to figure things out and, most importantly, I want to be working. I'm not just doing it to be doing it. I'm not working just for a paycheck. I'm working for something much bigger... the greater cause, the feeling of purpose, and my sanity.
So, on that note, I make a desperate plea to anyone in my area of SC who might know of something in my field to let me know. Or, start sending me some ideas of where to search! I have a feeling if I don't find something by March then I might as well stop looking. Who is going to hire someone that is 8 or 9 months pregnant? I guess the only upside to all of this down-time is more posts for you guys to read. I definitely promise to make them much more interesting from here on out. And to try to stop bitching and moaning and complaining.
I said TRY!

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