Friday, January 27, 2012

Flash Bulb Friday

The past few Januarys, I have bitched incessantly about boats. Some of you know why and some of you don't. Let's just say it was somewhat related to the job I used to have. And since I am no longer in that job, I am feeling a bit nostalgic. Not really for the chaos and problems and dickheads that came with dealing with said boats. But ya know... for that job I used to have that I used to actually love.
This was taken in January 2011 of a display of wakeboards. Now, I have really bad motion sickness. So bad, in fact, that if Puff drives our convertible too crazy en route to the grocery store, I turn a little green. So being out on a boat is not really my cup of rum. Unless it's a giant cruise ship (re: city at sea) that comes complete with lounge chairs and waiters carrying trays of fruity cocktails. I remember being forced onto my grandfather's bass boat when I was young to go fishing in a lake. I'm pretty sure I've been haunted with that horrible trapped feeling ever since. We even turned down a July 4th excursion out on a lake in Michigan with the in-laws since I'm so anti-boating.

All that just to say that while wakeboarding looks all fun and cool (and this display was totally awesome) there is no way in heck you'll ever see my butt out there hanging by a rope attached to a tiny ass boat on a dirty lake. (I have an issue with lakes... unless they're in New Zealand where the water is turquoise and I can see to the bottom.) So, I hope all of you boaters and wakeboarders out there are gearing up for this coming spring. It certainly can't get her fast enough!

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