Monday, January 30, 2012

Man Candy Monday

After falling asleep watching the Niners vs. Giants game for the NFC Championship, I had a dream about Mike Alstott. Now, I realize he wasn't affiliated with those teams (he was a Buccaneer) but perhaps my nostalgia for hot football players just came kicking into gear. Probably because Eli Manning is so fugly that it makes me cringe!

The dream about Mr. Hottie-stott that night involved me finding out he had 12 STDs. Yeah, not so sexy. But whatever... it was more of a nightmare. I just remember back in 2002-2003, I made the prediction at the beginning of the season that the Super Bowl would be the Bucs versus the Oakland Raiders. I make a guess every season, and that was the first year I was right! I was living in 420 at the time and I had to get the other girls on the bandwagon... which wasn't hard considering the caliber of sexiness happening on that Bucs team.

Remember Jon Gruden? We let Kimhead have him...



And Mr. John Lynch? Anna took him...

And, well, we ran out of hotties for Biner, so we just gave her Warren Sapp. Sorry girl... you won in the end with your cutie patootie hubby, Zach. So... just live with it. ::insert girn::

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