Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nursery: Step 0

In an effort to recapture some of the "I'm pregnant with a baby girl" bliss that I should be feeling (when not worrying about unemployment), I thought I would do a little post today about Bimmer's nursery.

As I've mentioned repeatedly, Puff and I live in a small 1940s bungalow. Our bedrooms are decent sized, but this one needs to be multi-functional. Unfortunately, Bimmer may have to end up sharing this room with the few house guests we do have. (That means the MIL gets up for those middle-of-the-night feedings if she insists on sleeping in there, right?) One day I promise Bimmer will have her own room!

The wonderful thing about Bimmer being a girl? We can keep a lot of the same STUFF and not have to blow our (increasingly shrinking) wallets on baby room decor. Those palm tree paintings mean a lot to me (there's a 3rd above the bed) as they were found on trips to Florida and Rhode Island with my parents while growing up. And since I'm anti-anything too babyish, these work perfect for a sophisticated beach-inspired nursery for our little beach bum.

Some updates we've already made (from the above pics) include a new quilt and pillow shams courtesy of my grandma and West Elm, respectively...

And that ugly orange pillow got tossed in exchange for another West Elm fave in white/light blue...

But now we've just got to figure out how the heck to fit a dresser/changing table in there PLUS this bad boy...


All while keeping the full-size bed, some type of nightstand (which will probably be that lime green trunk you see in one of the top pics) and ::fingers crossed:: that tall white dresser as well. (It's currently overflowing with my t-shirts and pajamas and bathing suits... which have no where else to live!) There is going to be some creative space planning in my future! After that, all we need to narrow down is the fabric we're going to have Rachel use for our custom-made crib skirt and we'll be rockin' and rollin'.

Don't worry... you'll be updated along the way! You know I love to over-share!

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