Monday, January 2, 2012

Move Over Twenties

Today officially marks the last 24 hours of my twenties. While I am having some mixed emotions about the milestone, I can't help but think back to the past decade. I'm sure when I was turning 20, I sat and reflected on all the differences that happened in my life from age 10 to age 20. And while those that happened in my twenties might not be as grandiose or noticeable (going from fifth grade to a sophomore in college is a much bigger jump... lol) but it was, nevertheless, pretty awesome.
I met some of my best friends in the world during college. I traveled to far flung New Zealand and drove from South Carolina to Vermont. I drank too much Malibu rum and took way too many embarassing photos. I dated some good guys. I dated some assholes. I married the perfect man for me. I graduated college and found the career path I am destined to be in. I moved to a town where I didn't know anyone and actually fell in love with it. I took up cruising and hiking. I own a home and a nice car. I even learned that I like to eat lobster.
Sure, there were hard times and sucky times. I limped through the death of my grandfather. I witnessed 9/11. I survived an abusive relationship and escaped a dead-end one. I lost a job and lived through a terrible car accident. I lost friends through distance and fights. I fucked up and made some bad decisions. I learned a lot and know there's still a lot more to go.
As I struggle with some other things going on in my life right now (that I will elaborate on in a few days) I have to know that I have been through so much in the past already. I have perservered and come through in one piece on the other side, sometimes, a lot stronger. I know I can't stop time, so I don't have much choice in the birthday matter. Perhaps I'll just take a cue from my almost-80 year old grandmother and just tell people I'm 29 for the rest of my life. It's seemed to work for her!

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