Friday, January 13, 2012

Flash Bulb Friday

When I picked out the photos I wanted to use for January's Flash Bulbs, I was thinking cold. Sometimes, I'll want to think warm to escape the reality of winter. But not this time. Nope... I wanted photos that just looked COLD. So, this week's photo is from our very frosty trip to NYC back in December 2009.

When we walked up to the outside of Grand Central Station, we were layered as much as we could be with still being able to button our coats. We were sporting gloves and held cups of hot chocolate. The heat from our breath encircled our heads with little clouds. Our cheeks were stained pink.
It was the morning after Puff proposed to me in that 18 degree chill in Central Park. (On the rock where the Smurfs are pictured from their latest movie posters. LOL!) I would love to be all poetic and romantic and say that we were so high on love and the giddy excitement from our proposal to even notice the chill in the air. But I'd be a liar. Because it was fucking cold. I don't think I've ever snapped photos faster in my life. Anything to get to run across the street and into the heat!

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