Sunday, May 10, 2015

It's Sprinkling

Back when I was pregnant with Bimmer, my girls back in The Fort threw me a lovely shower to celebrate her impending arrival. Kimhead also rounded up the usual suspects in SC for a college reunion of sorts to paint onesies and have an excuse to eat more cake. They were both fabulous and I loved them! (You can read about them HERE and HERE.) I tend to think etiquette implies that you should not have a shower for a second child - especially one of the same gender. However, my fabulous work friends (whom I was not working with at the time of Bimmer's birth) insisted on having a little "Sprinkle" for Healey.
J-Really really outdid herself with making food and cute little signs for the punch, etc. She also came up with some games that I approved of - since I'm not too keen on baby shower games. We did charades for baby-themed categories (which was hilarious) and the best was the "carry a golf ball between your legs, hobble over and drop it into a mason jar without using your hands." She said it was because I pee all the time, but it could also be twisted for a "your water broke" kind of game I suppose!
Overall, it was just a few sweet hours spent with some sweet ladies celebrating the impending arrival of my beautiful new bundle of joy. They gifted us with lots of diapers and bottles and wipes. Since Bimmer has all the big ticket items already, it was just nice to start getting a jump start on those every day necessities.
It's so humbling to know Healey is already loved by so many!

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