Monday, April 9, 2012

Shower Time

Back on March 31st, my amazingly awesome high school girlfriends threw me and Bimmer our first baby shower!

About 15 family and friends (plus 4 adorable children) gathered at Meg's house to celebrate the pending arrival of our little wiggly-butt. We snacked and chatted and played games. My favorite was the match the celebrity to their baby name. Not to brag or anything, but I was the only one who got them all right. ::insert proud grin::

And of course, it's not a shower without a proper cake...


Rowdy came up with the political themed ribbon for the cake (so totally her!) and it was so cute. (Of course, I've omitted her real name and replaced it with Bimmer in the photo.)


Puff, Bimmer, and I totally raked in the gifts and we are beyond grateful. The fact that everyone took some time from their busy schedule to come to the shower, let alone buy us something, is so humbling. And it is so helpful right now with me being out of work! We stocked up on more adorable clothes (this girl has a serious wardrobe) and some awesome necessities like our high chair and our fancy-pants pack-n-play. Besides coming back to SC with a car-load of goodies, it was good for my heart to be overwhelmed with so much love for our baby girl!

You guys are so awesome and I can never repay you for throwing me such a wonderful shower. I can't wait to see you again later this summer... baby Bimmer in tow!

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