Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Blessings

Every Mother's Day that I've had, I've really wanted to come up with something awesome and interesting to do - but for whatever reason, it just hasn't worked out that way. (Like Puff's excursion to The Biltmore last Father's Day - HERE) The first year, we took Bimmer to the zoo for the first time (which was fun, but nothing extravagant) and last year, we were traveling to Florida, so there wasn't much celebrating to be done. And this year, I was almost 34 weeks pregnant! So my options were pretty limited.
I thought a Mother's Day brunch was in order this year... but Puff and I absolutely hate to go out on actual holidays. So I did some research and found a hotel that had a nice brunch on a regular basis, and we got gussied up and headed there the Sunday prior to Mother's Day. It was OK... but not anywhere I would be rushing back to eat. But I had fun spending time with my little family and getting to see Bimmer's big smiles at the "fancy hotel."
(I hate pics of myself pregnant, but alas, I'm posting it anyway)
The Friday before Mother's Day, Bimmer's school had a Mother's Day "garden party" on their playground. It was at 2:30pm - could there be any more inconvenient time??? - but of course I went. Bimmer was so excited when I came in, since I was a few minutes later than a lot of the other moms. She gave me a little jewelry box she had painted and covered with stickers. We ate strawberries and cookies on the playground, and I did my best to make small talk with the other snooty mothers.
On Saturday, I decided that was the perfect time for my Mother's Day excursion... and I selected strawberry picking! Why not??? Bimmer had fun last fall picking apples and had been talking about it recently, so I thought some seasonally appropriate produce picking would be a blast. It ended up being really fun - and just long enough that this preggers was able to participate and not complain! Bimmer loved running up and down the aisles of the strawberry patch, and she listened really well to just picking the ripe ones and not picking the flowers, etc.

On actual Mother's Day, we spent the entire morning outside in the yard working on flowers and putting together Bimmer's big sister gift. She is so my child - because at about 11:30am, she looked at me with all seriousness and said "Why are we still at the house?" Sweet girl... so used to being busy! It was a relaxing, if uncharacteristic, day and at the end of it, Bimmer gave me a sweet card (with a hamster on it - she likes cards with hamsters) and a gorgeous Spartina scarf.
I feel so blessed to be Bimmer's mother and already feel the same about Healey. I can't believe I am going to be the mom to two girls. I never thought it possible, but here I am, about to do just that. They have taught me how to love in a new way that I never knew before. And I am thankful that Puff gave me the gift of motherhood. Even if some days it feels like he's my oldest child! :)

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