Friday, May 1, 2015

35 Months

Oh - my sweet almost three year old!!! ACK!!! Thank goodness Healey is on her way to offset this growing girl. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about how Bimmer gets to sleep. And I simultaneously love it and hate it. And I know that once Healey gets here, we are going to have to change our routine. Back in the fall, we had the perfect setup - I would lay with Bimmer while she took her milk (and got snuggles) and then I would leave and she would fall asleep. But then when I got sick around Christmas, the other parent (who shall remain nameless) got her into the habit of us falling asleep with her. And so we've been doing that ever since. It's getting increasingly difficult with my growing belly, but we are making it work. I just love those sweet cuddles and the sweet things she says to me as she is drifting off to sleep. I hate to give that up - but on the flip side, I don't want her to blame Healey for us not being able to lay with her. So sometime between now and the big THREE, we need to get back to the other arrangement. (We also got her a new headboard and bedding to make the transition to the "big sister bed" official sometime this summer. Stay tuned for an update on that!) 

The potty training is going awesome. She hasn't had an accident since her last month's update (and I think last month, she had even only had one that whole month!) We are still in pull-ups at night, but are about to break her of that too. Just because I don't really want to buy any more after our current stash runs out. She has started sometimes using the big toilet at the house - and getting up on it by herself. It always worries me she is going to fall in, but so far, so good! 

Her behavior at school has been impeccable and I am so proud of her. She is definitely learning more in her new class - coming home talking about random things like dandelions and tigerlily plants. And knowing red, green, blue, and yellow in Spanish. She is working on her days of the week, and while she doesn't know them in order yet, she understands the concept. She can count by tens to 100, but never quite gets it right. She will usually goof up around sixty and then gets out of order, or adds something adorable like "eleventeen" to the mix. She is grasping her letters a lot better too - recognizing all of them and knowing certain words that match up with each letter. One day recently in the car, she yelled, "There's an H for daddy!" And sure enough, there was one of those blue Hospital signs. And yes, Daddy's name starts with an H. Her favorite word right now? "Almost." If you ask her if she's ready to do something, etc. her answer seems to always be, "Almost." Just today, she told me something was "impossible."

And as we inch closer to official big sister territory, she just gets more and more sweet about it. She told me the other day she wanted to snuggle Healey. I asked if she would still snuggle me. She answered by telling me that she wanted to "go night night with Healey. I will lay under Mommy's arm and Healey will lay under my arm and we will all snuggle and I will share my pillow." Ack! Cue the happy tears! I am so proud of the little person Bimmer is becoming. I cannot wait to continue to watch her grow and experience the world from here! 

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