Friday, May 8, 2015

Our Little Princess

Last year, Puff stumbled across this adorable Pirate & Princess Brunch hosted at the Greenville Zoo. Since we're total suckers for anything fun to do with Bimmer, we had to hit it up. So when we were looking for stuff to fill up our spring before Healey gets here, we were excited to see they were offering it again. And we knew Bimmer would be much more into it this time around, since she would actually know some of the princesses. And she even had a princess dress to wear! 


Although when we talked to her about it ahead of time, she was pretty insistent that she dress like a fairy. And she was most excited about the possibility of getting a pirate tattoo. Unfortunately, the day of the event was cold and rainy! (Of course it had been sunny and in the 70s in the days before and after.) But the event was rain or shine - and we weren't going to miss it.
We were one of the few people who did show up, but that just meant there was no wait for her to get her hair done like a princess. She even got to pick out a bow to take home - and she chose a Cinderella one!
We ate breakfast and talked to some of the princesses. It wasn't as fun as last year, since they didn't bring out animals to pet (because of the weather) and she did get shy around the princesses. It was still worth the while for us though and we will probably go next year as well - although I may wait until the last minute to buy tickets, just in case!
It was just a great kick-off to our day though, because after that, we drove to Columbia to meet up with Kimhead to celebrate her birthday! Our little princess told us on the way home that it was a "GREAT day!!!" And what more could we ask for?

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