Saturday, May 30, 2015

Almost Done - 36 Weeks

Wow... this is my second to last pregnancy update. EVER. Like, fo' realz ever, not fake ever.
I suppose I'm feeling a bit of mixed emotions about it. The fact that in a few short weeks, I will never feel another life moving about inside me. But on the flip side, I will never feel all the horrible other feelings that come with pregnancy. I think I'll just opt to enjoy Bimmer and Healey outside the womb. So far, it's working with Bimmer much better that way.
Week 35 was a doozy though, I tell ya. After getting back from the beach, I caught what I assumed was a little bit of a cold or a sinus infection. It wasn't too terrible and waned after a few days. But then I got a bit of a cough and then I called in pregnant/sick to work on that Friday, and then as the day progressed, it only got worse. Sinus headache, eyeballs that felt like they were going to pop out, mild ear pain, cough. I went to an urgent care and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and ear infection. Gimme some antibiotics to kill this sucka, please?!?! Although two days later, my cough was nagging and near constant to the point where I wasn't sleeping or eating. And my ear pain was some of the worst I ever remembered having! In fact, all of those ailments made me almost completely forget any ankle swelling or frequent urination or lower back pain from the pregnancy. Nope - all I could focus on was that horrid pain in my ear with no relief.
Round about 5am that morning, my ear finally popped. And then, it pussed. A Google search later and I was convinced my eardrum had ruptured. So back to urgent care I went. Yup... definitely had a ruptured eardrum, and that cough? Well, it was bronchitis. Because nothing enhances a pregnancy by all those additional problems! They switched my antibiotics and I spent the rest of that day and night slowly starting to feel a little bit better. But boy, a constant cough sure is rough on a 35+ week belly. Lots of contractions and lack of any sort of comfort. After the switch in drugs and a few days rest, it started to get a little more tolerable, but it was still pretty horrible. In fact, at 36 weeks, 2 days, I found myself at my primary care doc being told that even after a round of drugs, I still had an ear infection and bronchitis. Oh yeah, and a lovely pain in my chest when I coughed, basically from straining so much with the horrible coughs. Ugh! Between the not-flu-that-should-have-been-the-flu I got back in December, and this, I felt more sick this pregnancy with non-pregnancy related things than I do in a normal year!
Maybe it's the sickness, but I've been sorta kinda wanting to "nest." And that is so not me by nature. I am the farthest thing from a "homebody." The closest I've come to actually wanting to nest, is well, actually picking up sticks in the yard. Literal nesting comes strangely naturally to be during pregnancy. But I'm way too far preggers at this point for that shit! LOL! So yeah, I've found myself thinking about wanting to have a few days at home here and there - just to catch up on... what? I have no idea! I'm happy that I have scheduled a few days off prior to the c-section though to accomplish whatever last minute things it is that I think I need to do... like nap and watch trashy TV and figure out how to work Netflix and maybe finish my 2014 scrapbook before Healey gets here???

So strange too that I have a 36 month old right now and I'm 36 weeks pregnant! I've gained about 50 pounds now with this pregnancy, which is more than I gained the entire time with Bimmer. I figured it would be a little bit more. Here's hoping the next 3 weeks fly by and we make it to June 18th without any more major sicknesses or anything that warrants a major update!!!
And since I haven't been good about linking up to posts from Bimmer's pregnancy, here is the post I did from 36 weeks with her - HERE.

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