Saturday, May 23, 2015

Three Years Eve

Tomorrow is my baby girl's THIRD birthday! There will be plenty of updates on all her birthday gifts and excursions to come... poor girl didn't get a party this year due to her baby sister's pending arrival. Makes me feel horrible. But alas, she will survive.


I am a wreck of emotions right now about this birthday. More so than any other than came before it. Perhaps because I'm super pregnant and hormonal? Perhaps because it's the last birthday she'll be able to celebrate with just the three of us? Maybe it's because she's such a little person now? 


When she turned one, it was a parenting accomplishment. We made it through our first year, relatively unscathed. (Read about it HERE). And she was showing her personality, starting to talk, about to walk... not my tiny baby anymore.

By the time she was turning two (Read about it HERE) she was well on her way to showing us who she really was going to be. She was very vocal and spoke a lot of words and was interested in everything. I felt like I could take her out to dinner and have a conversation with her even. I was madly in love with that age. 

Now, her baby fat is almost all gone. She looks physically older. She acts older. She talks -  all.the.time. She is giving us our challenges, but nothing we haven't been able to muddle through so far. She is excited about becoming a big sister - and I am excited to give her that role. I know she is going to be awesome at it, even if it breaks my heart just a little bit. I love showering that sweet girl with all my attention. I miss her desperately at the end of each day and cannot wait to snuggle with her to fall asleep. I love to see all that she is learning and soaking in each and ever day. She is a little girl now... not a toddler. 

She is my princess. She is absolutely the love of my life. I am blessed to be her mom and be along with her on this journey of her life. I have loved so much of the past 3 years with her, and I cannot wait to see what all the years ahead of us bring.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. My sugar butt. I love you. Infinitely. More than words. With every ounce of my being. You are my angel. 

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