Thursday, May 21, 2015

Salty Dog

Last fall, I went on a vacation rampage... 2015 was going to be the year we took an anniversary trip without Bimmer (to Newport, RI) and our family trip was going to require our 3 year old to get a passport (to visit Turks & Caicos). Then... life happened. Healey happened. So... we had to nix those plans. With Healey due in mid-June, that really put a damper on any possible major travel plans. I didn't want to go anywhere extravagant while super pregnant, as I didn't want to waste vacation time. Or, ya know, go into labor in Madrid. And the second half of the year will be hard too, because let's be real, who wants to travel with an infant that small?




So when my good friend, Cole, announced her wedding would be in Hilton Head in mid-May, we jumped on board as that being our "big vacation of 2015." Ha ha ha - I know, I know. Ridiculous, but hey, when you want to get in some beach time away from home when 8 months pregnant, you take what you can get. Plus - when else am I going to get the opportunity to flaunt this sexy body in a bikini??? 

Try not to be blinded by how pale I am!

We left work early on Thursday and drove down so that we would have all day on Friday to spend, at our leisure, soaking up the beach and the ocean and the pool, and taking long naps, and going out for seafood. And that's exactly what we did. It was honestly the best beach vacation day ever! We even topped it off with some delicious ice cream.
Saturday, we recreated our day pretty much.... early to the beach, lots of sand digging, lunch and virgin cocktails by the pool, a little swim time, a 2+ hour nap. Yup... pretty much couldn't have asked for anything better!
That night, we all got gussied up and headed to Bluffton for Cole's wedding reception. Bimmer was rockin' this adorable Lilly Pulitzer dress that I cannot get enough of.
We hung out with friends, had good food, and enjoyed the gorgeous location right on the marsh. We were supposed to have a friend go with us to keep Bimmer while we went to the wedding, but they bailed in favor of a different trip. (Um.... cue the pregnant panic attack, right?!?!) But thankfully, Cole was super understanding and is an awesome friend and was totally cool with Bimmer tagging along... even if she was the only kid there who wasn't immediate family.
Sunday morning, we hit up the beach one more time for a few hours. Because, why not? We also hit up Salty Dog Café for some lunch. (FYI - their dinner is better than their lunch) But it was sweet to see Bimmer get so excited about going there. (She has a book and a shirt, so she recognized the logo as soon as we got there!) One more daiquiri (virgin, of course) for me before hitting the road!
All told, it was such a nice and sweet little getaway. It wasn't the long family summer vacation we would have hoped for, but it will do the trick. It will hold us over for a few months until we get Healey up to speed with traveling the way Rushing Life wants to!

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