Monday, May 18, 2015

34 Weeks Down

Only two more updates after this before Healey gets here!!! And I suspect they will just get more and more difficult... as each and every day from the last update has gotten more and more difficult. I even called in "pregnant" to work one day because I just had had a few rough days and a lot of walking (and contractions) so my body was screaming "REST!!!!" I needed to listen.
There are lots of Braxton Hicks contractions on days when I don't get to lay around a lot. So, basically every day that I have to go to work. My back pain still comes and goes, and sleeping is becoming even more difficult. I didn't think that was possible... but some nights, I'm waking up every hour now. My never-ending insatiable hunger in the middle of the night is subsiding, which is good. Although I find myself not being able to eat as much in each sitting, which sometimes leads to more nausea. I guess that growing baby is just taking up more room and squishing all my organs together!!! Although I've still managed to find a new afternoon snack craving - Popcorn Indiana's kettlecorn. Who knew you could get new cravings this late in the pregnancy???
I had an ultrasound at 33 weeks to check on Healey's growth too. My bump was measuring at 36 weeks, but Healey herself was only measuring at the size of 34 weeks, which isn't too far off. They guesstimated that she is around 5 lbs. 9 oz. right now. On one hand, it's scary to think how much more she could grow between now and her birthday, but on the other hand, it makes me feel OK to know she's that size that if something were to happen and she came early, that she would already that big!
Healey is moving like crazy - a lot. Sometimes her squirming actually makes me feel sick to my stomach. Just shows I've got an active little girl in there! Guess she will be keeping us on our feet once she arrives too!

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