Wednesday, May 27, 2015

This Means Three


These are the last block photos of Bimmer for an entire YEAR. 


Or well... there are the ones for her 3rd birthday still to be posted, but waaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! No more "months" under her numbers. Ever. Again. 

I have gushed enough already I think about how proud I am of the person she has become. She is so helpful and insightful. She is inquisitive and curious. She is vocal and has opinions she wants to learn how to express. Sure, there are random fits these days that just don't seem to make much sense... like the fact that I walked past her into the kitchen versus carrying her in with me, or that Puff has gotten out her vitamins when she wanted me to do it. Lots of things that seem totally rational to her, but aren't necessarily obvious to the rest of us. We'll get there. So far, they haven't been too horrible, so I think we'll manage. 

Her speech and knowledge are constantly improving. She still stutters sometimes when she is trying to come up with certain words... I'll ask Doc Hottie about it next week at her 3 year well-visit, but I really think it's just a matter of her trying to think of the word (typically, they are words she doesn't necessarily use all the time) or her brain is working faster than her mouth can process. But she retains so much information that it is almost scary. I have already had to get on Puff about using certain words or phrases or generalizations about people (especially when driving) because I know Bimmer is picking up on them - whether she immediately acknowledges or not. I am also clinging to the few words she still doesn't say quite right... like "mazagine" and "boof-case" - which can either be a suitcase or a briefcase. Ah yes, and "Bloop Loops." Still the "Bloop Loops."
Bimmer has been practicing writing her letters and some of her drawings are becoming a little more recognizable. She drew a whale the other day that, well, actually looked like a whale. I don't know where she should be at this stage with some of that, but I figure she's not behind. Although she is behind in knowing how to use scissors. Poor little lefty... gotta get practicing on that one with her. Yes, I am now 100% convinced she is a lefty. And it's kinda adorable.
I know she is going to grow and change so much in the next year. I feel like going from age 3 to 4 is going to be huge. She is going to gain more social skills and realize even more about the world around her. I think she will face challenges and I hope that we are raising her the best way we know how so that she can maneuver them like a champ. We have finished her first round of swim lessons, and intend to do more, along with putting her into dance class. Her world is going to grow more by adding a little sister to the mix, moving up a class in pre-school, and hopefully traveling and experiencing more of the world around her.
A few stats: She is wearing size 2T in shorts, but 3T in most shirts and pajamas. She is totally 100% out of diapers!!! (Although she has had two accidents in the past week at school. Her teacher thinks it's due to Healey's arrival and some rebellion with that, but I'm not sure yet.) Her favorite toy right now is Playdoh. She has started to watch Dora the Explorer more often, but now that it's summer, we watch hardly any TV at all. She eats lots of cheese quesadillas and pb&j sandwiches, but she has started to eat steak and burgers on occasion. Girl still only really likes to drink water. I don't have her current height or weight, but if I get it by the time I post her 3 year block photos, I'll be sure to update!
My baby isn't a baby anymore... she isn't even a toddler. She is a little girl now. (Which she does tell me sometimes.) I am madly in love with that little girl and cannot wait to see what her future holds!

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