Friday, April 27, 2012

Shower x2

Back on April 14th, I headed to my old college stomping ground to meet up with some of the 420 girls for our first group baby shower. Kimhead and Rach were the perfect hosts, even if Kimhead always goes a little overboard. (But I love her for it anyway!)

We were all invited to a New England style clam bake. There's a story behind a Clam Bake vs. Biker Rally from back in our sophomore year of college that still rings pretty true to this day. But, I digress. I almost didn't get the clearance from the doc, since I was 34 weeks at the time and she was hesitant to have me wander too far from home. Puff volunteered to go with me, but the doc said that since that wouldn't prevent me from going into early labor, I left him at home to cut the grass and eat at a cajun restaurant I keep denying him.

While I had told them to go light on decor, since it was just a few of us, they still busted out with some cute beachy themed decorations. I was especially in love with the twine and lifesavers wrapped around the silverware. We ate, we caught up, we gossiped, and then we opened some gifts.

Bimmer is so blessed to have even more people that care and love her already! And thanks to Kimhead always planning ahead, she even got her first Halloween bib. LOL. And some USC Gamecocks gear to wear this fall for football season. Not to mention Rach who whipped up a dress for the baby with the leftover seersucker from her bedskirt. Oh yeah, in an hour the morning of the shower. That girl's got it going on!

We didn't play any games, but we did have an arts and crafts project. We all gathered on the patio and decorated a onesie. I loved Biner's that read "Back Seat Driver" on it. So perfect for Puff and his car obsession. We also wrote "messages in a bottle" to the baby, which will no doubt end up in her scrapbook very soon!

All told, it was a great day. And while we missed everyone else who couldn't come (due to the fact that some live as far away as Louisiana!!!) it was just a nice relaxing and fun girl's day. Those won't happen the same way anymore from here on out. Sure, Bimmer can come and hang with my friends. But, as I was thinking on the drive into Columbia, how easy is it going to be to stop and pee with a baby in tow and no one to watch her at the rest stop?

Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night!

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