Monday, February 20, 2012

Man Candy Monday

Recently, my friend Trish posted a random list of several men on her Facebook page. All us willing participants added our own... in homage to "The List." Mine were essentially the same as that post from last year, with the addition of Hugh Jackman. Because really, I needed a sexy Aussie in the group.


But then... several of her friends mentioned "Criminal Minds" hottie, Shemar Moore. And yup... I jumped right on that bandwagon. (I'd rather jump on him instead, but I digress...)

After all these years of devoted "CSI" and "Law & Order: SVU" watching, I have no idea how "Criminal Minds" just ran under the radar for me until a few months ago. I've been taping just about every episode I can find. Thankfully, A&E likes to replay them a lot. As does CBS in the middle of the night on Sunday nights. So I get at least a few healthy doses of Shemar each week. He was also on "Ellen" recently, when I accidentally stumbled across it. He took his shirt off. And made out with a lady in the audience. Color me jealous!


Now, I don't typically find black men all that attractive. But um... HELLO! Are you seeing this super fine specimen? And in case you're a little confused or undecided... I'll let his abs do some talking...

And in a surprising twist of hottness, as I was scouring the InterGoogle for pics of Shemar, I came across this fabulus photo of his (not typically sexy) co-star, who plays Spencer Reed. Yum!

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The Fischer Family said...

Shamar Moore...mmmmmm....yes please! Oh I've always loved that hot body! Thanks for giving me a great day! :-)