Monday, February 13, 2012

Top Ten

It's been a few months since I did a "Top Ten" list. And no, I realize it's not Tuesday, but eh... who gives a crap. All the days run together when they all feel like a Saturday. Right... speaking of unemployment, that's the inspiration for today's list. In an effort to help keep my mind on the positive future that will ultimately come after all this nonsense, I'm focusing on the things that will be such sweet purchases once I get that first new paycheck.

This list is a mix of needs and wants, but that's part of the fun. Now to just keep our fingers crossed this list gets knocked out sooner, rather than later. In no particular order, the top ten things I will mull over and consider dropping some dough on when I get my first paycheck at my new job...

1) Paint the dining room (re: Hire someone to do this for me)

2) Baby girl clothes galore

3) Book our first family vacation

4) Pay off any credit card debt

5) Coach purse

6) Two pine trees to plant in the backyard for privacy

7) Pressure wash the house

8) Post pregnancy clothes from Banana Republic and J. Crew

9) A top to bottom, heavy duty cleaning of the house (re: Hire someone to do this for me)

10) Anything West Elm is willing to sell me

What would you do with a sudden increase in cash flow? Am I being too frivilous with this list? Too safe?

1 comment:

Rachel Price said...

LOVE your list...especially the coach purse!!