Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strike a Pose

My life is documented like crazy.
Need an example? Here's a picture of me raking leaves. Yup... just to prove it actually happened.
So it's of no surprise to those of you who have known me since at least 6th grade (when I rocked a totally badass see-thru camera with neon insides) that I take lots and lots of pictures. Bimmer's life will be nothing if not photographed. That being said, it should also be of no surprise that I was anxious to get maternity and newborn photo shoots scheduled. Yes... photo shoots. Not trips to Sears.
I promise, there is a difference.
My awesome engagement and wedding photographer is going to be doing my maternity pics in March. She lives in West Virginia now, but is driving a few hours to meet me. God bless her! Unfortunately, the fact that we don't have a planned C-section is keeping me from booking her for the newborn photos. But I'm certain she'll be seeing much more of us in the future regardless! Anyhoo... I mention her because in my quest to find a local replacement, I found a good newborn photographer (there's an art to it for sure) who has a studio literally right up the street. She's got good props and seems to get some pretty awesome new baby pics, all at a reasonable price. (One lady wanted to charge over $500 and I only would have gotten 10 images! No way, Bucko!)
The local photog and I emailed back and forth and got all the details and I was ready to plop down the deposit to get on her calendar. However, I wanted to show Puff her work first. I figured he is the father and should have some say. Big mistake. He made faces at all of her photos and made comments about the babies looking "like aliens" or worse. Yup... it made me cry. I was so excited to get professional, artistic, photos taken of our Bimmer. Something to be cherished more than the ridiculous hospital photos they take. I was crushed.
I emailed my wedding photog and told her what Puff had said. She sent me the most amazing website to share with him... The photos here are absolutely amazeballs. (Yup, I just said that.) While the local photog isn't this perfect, she definitely does some really great shots of babies in baskets and swaddled, etc. It is exactly the newborn photos I had in my head. Of course, Puff conceded and is letting me have them done. I think with some direction, we'll get some pictures we can proudly frame on our walls.
I understand that people all have different priorities and opinions in their lives... the quality of photographs being one of them. It's all subjective, so I can't say that a mother who takes her child to a portrait studio in the mall is wrong. If she loves those photos, then that's all that matters. Me? Well... in addition to being a travel snob, I am also a photo snob. I have great friends who are awesome photographers (have you checked out Anna???) and even lots of friends who just rock an SLR for the heck of it. Myself included. So, having higher quality, professional photos of my children is of higher priority than most. In general, I just really hate those awkward family photos from Olan Mills that we all have from our childhood. (Photos really do last forever, people!)
All of us execpt Puff. He's such a poor forgotten second child! For our wedding, I wanted a photo of him as a baby to put on our sweetheart table, but we were only able to find like one photo of him under the age of five!!! Perhaps that fact, coupled with never being around babies, was the reasoning for his distaste and confusion in my wanting to get these newborn photos done. I like to think that no matter the picture, if it's of our little Bimmer, he'll swoon over it regardless.

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Anonymous said...

Your husband will quickly learn that ALL babies -- no matter how beautiful -- look like aliens. Even mine.