Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Filling Fourteen Weeks

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by a post over on Bower Power and decided to create my own "Pre-Baby Bucket List." Now... this will definitely be different than a "Pre-Pregnancy Bucket List" because that would've included white water rafting, a week in Iceland, and several rounds of Malibu rum. This is more of an "I'm still unemployed and still pregnant and like lists" sorta list.
I'm 26 weeks along at this point, so I've got some time to get some of this stuff accomplished. Maybe you can hold me accountable for it and start an email attack in a few weeks asking for updates. Or you can comment on this post with your own ideas of how I should be spending my time. Who knows? Maybe your ideas sound like more fun than mine.
  • Catch up on printing hard copies of my private blog (Yes, because I'm a moron and like hard copies)
  • Catch up on copying and saving the entries from this blog
  • Figure out how to use I-Tunes and update my I-pod
  • Save all the pics not currently saved to my external hard drive
  • Burn CDs of all the pics not currently on burnt CDs
  • Scan old family photos, post on my photo site, save to my external hard drive, and burn CD copies
  • Finish as much of Bimmer's scrapbook as possible
  • Get a crib and dresser for Bimmer's nursery
  • Unpack the new flat screen TV we got for Christmas
  • Reorganize our filing system (Which, for Puff, involves just shoving envelopes into a desk drawer)
  • Reorganize the shelves in Puff's closet (Because he refuses to do it for himself)
  • Sell the nightstand, filing cabinet, and non-flat screen TV on Craigslist
  • Sell the set of glass pots & pans that we never use on Craigslist
  • Have my car washed
  • Keep applying for jobs, even if I don't think they'd hire me being this pregnant
  • Vow to dust, vacuum, and change the sheets more often
  • Make a list of what to pack for the hospital
  • Convince Puff to convince the MIL that she should contribute to this child and buy us our fancy pack 'n play
  • Make the final decision on whether or not we will be committing to cloth diapers
  • Keep up-to-date on my 2012 scrapbook for the year (Because you know I will fall behind come baby time!)
  • Sign up for a month of free Netflix to watch Season 5 of "Dexter"
  • Organize the baby's gear and clothes, once we have furniture in the room
  • Go for at least a 20 minute walk every day when the weather is nice (Like 55 or warmer)
  • Schedule a pre-baby pedicure (or two)
  • Continue to have as many lunch dates as possible with Lady V, Anita, Kathy, Scoop, and anyone else who is free
  • Figure out how in the heck to make a baptism happen back in The Fort
  • Finish the photo gallery in the office
  • Frame the prints for above the toilet in the bathroom (As opposed to the toilet in any other room)
  • Plan and book our trip to Florida for this summer to visit my mom
  • Research baby friendly hikes/walks/sites in the area for this summer
  • Accept every invite from friends to hang out, have dinner, see a movie, etc... even if it means driving an hour and a half one way to do it
  • Bake at least two new things I've never baked before
  • Buy some cute little headbands and/or bows for Bimmer to rock
  • Decide on Bimmer's "coming home" outfit
  • Celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary in May with a swanky steak dinner (Gotta treat myself one last time, even if I can't have my fave raspberry martini)
  • Plant flowers in our window boxes on the deck
  • Install a smoke detector
  • Get cable installed in our master bedroom
  • Continue to fight, every day, my depression, addictions, and demons
  • Feel the overwhelming love and support from all my friends and family who have been there every step of the way... you guys rock my world!

Think that's enough to fill (potentially) the next 14 weeks?

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