Monday, February 6, 2012

Pin Me

So... what are your thoughts on Pinterest?
I feel like I learned about it forever ago from the cool folks over at YHL. They did "Pinterest Challenges" where they did DIY craft projects inspired by something they found on the site. I had heard it was pretty addictive. And having an addictive personality, I avoided it for as long as humanly possible. It wasn't until I officially became a housewife that I decided I'd scope it out. The verdict? It's definitely a good time-waster. I wish I had had it when I was working! ::insert grin::
In the month plus that I've been at home, I have conveniently avoided any shopping sites (ahem, West Elm) or any real estate websites. I figured there was no sense in dreaming about things I couldn't afford, right? Well, Pinterest has sucked me back (a tiny bit) into my obsession with anything and everything related to redecorating. I like to think of it as a mood board for our future house. Because, this situation is only temporary, and we will eventually be getting a bigger house. One that I can decorate in the white/gray/turquoise color scheme that is running rampant in all of my "pins."
However... in addition to home decor and baby items, I have found a few recipes. I figure since I am home all day long, I might as well turn on my best Betty Crocker and at least attempt something new in the kitchen. Most of the things I've "pinned" with relation to food have been the few sweets that have come across my radar... raspberry lemonade cupcakes or Nutella cheesecake bars. But I was a dutiful wife and sought out something suitible to serve for dinner. And I found that in a crazy easy pesto chicken dish! Check it out over on Kalyn's Kitchen Blog! The verdict? Even though I scoffed at paying $3.99 for a thing of pesto (Puff later told me I should learn to make my own!) it was definitely crazy easy and super yummy!
Puff gave it two thumbs up. And an extra high-five for finding a new dish to add to our ever-shrinking dinner rotation of options. Winter nixes the grill most nights, unfortunately. So... while I seriously make no promises to start pumping out cool recipes for you guys to try, I will definitely keep you posted if I find something off-the-hook. Just nothing that involves a crock pot. I don't have one, nor do I want one. Sorry, CPFC (crock pot fan club), but when you have a tiny kitchen, you've got to pick your kitchen appliances carefully. And that frozen drink machine totally trumps anything that doesn't involve rum.

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