Monday, February 27, 2012

Store Boycott

For the most part, Puff and I try to live as debt free as humanly possible.
Sure, we have the mortgage and the two car payments. But outside of that, neither of us have any student loan debt and Puff has zero credit card debt. I would have zero debt, but then I lost my job and had to buy those Lion King tickets and put a down payment on a newborn photographer. So, yeah. That'll take another month or two for it to disappear. But it's not really a big deal. Not when I know people who are swallowed whole by thousands and thousands of dollars of debt from college. And outrageous credit card bills from things they probably don't even remember buying.
Why do I mention this? Well, because of an issue I recently had with our Banana Republic credit card. See... we each have minimal cards, but when we were both working (and I wasn't preggers) we definitely found ourselves making a lot of spontaneous purchases at BR every time we were at the mall or an outlet. So, we figured we might as well get some perks. Hey... we can pay off the debt as soon as we get the bill! And for every $XX you spend, you get $10 in rewards. Right now, we have $30 of free cash hanging on our fridge. We can use them at any Banana Republic, Gap, or Old Navy.
I got to thinking that with the weather being so mild all winter, soon, I'm going to need some maternity outfits that don't consist of jeans and a men's t-shirt. I stumbled across an ad that Old Navy had their maternity and baby stuff 30% off. I was hopeful I would be able to find a dress and use the $10 that expires first to buy something. So, I dragged myself out of bed on a dreary rainy morning and drove out to Old Navy. (First I hit up TJ Maxx where I found a green Ralph Lauren polo dress for Bimmer that will match her daddy's polo shirts. I couldn't resist!) Anyhoo... I struck out in the maternity section and actually was about out the door to leave when it hit me: I have $10 of free money. Why not get the baby something?
So, I did. I snatched up a cute little white skirt (that she can wear over any onesie) and a St. Patty's day outfit. Yes, I realize she's not coming until May, but it was generic enough I would've let her rock it late into the summer. Then, I went to pay. I gave the girl the $10 to cover the $15 purchase. And then she needed the balance. I handed her my debit card. She said I had to use the BR card. Well... slight problem. The card is in Puff's name. And in his wallet. And he was about a 35 minute drive in the opposite direction, hunkered down at work. I ended up buying the items, so as to not hold up the line behind me, but I couldn't help but feel duped somehow.
We spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year at Banana Republic and they want to give me hassle about a frickin' $10 rewards certificate?!?! The more I let it stew, the angrier I got. When Puff got home that night, I showed him my purchases. He fawned over the polo dress, of course. And thought the $5 white skirt was practical and cute. We were both sorta indifferent over the St. Patty's day outfit. And with that, I made the decision to return it. I felt so betrayed. Who cares how I pay the difference? If I have $10 in rewards, I should be able to use them! Yes, I realize how ridiculous I sound getting huffy over such a small amount of money. But the reality is, I could've bought a 4 pack of onesies next door at TJ Maxx for the same price.
When I texted Puff the next day from the line at Old Navy, he laughed and said, "Don't piss off my wife, people. She will return your shit."
Damn straight. And I will be hesitant to go in there any time soon. Sometimes, stupid silly stuff just gets under your skin. A shame, really, that the rewards expire. Because if they didn't, I'd be stockpiling them for the fall for when I get back into single digit pants and need to reward myself with a not-so-spontaneous trip to Banana Republic!

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