Friday, February 24, 2012

Flash Bulb Friday

Sometimes I pick my Flash Bulbs months in advance. Now that I'm home and have time to do that, plus with Picnik closing soon, I went and got WAY ahead of myself. So far, in fact, that when I sat down to write a description of this particular photo, I didn't even remember where it had been taken!

Thankfully, Puff glanced at it and was like, "That's the overlook between Cashiers and Highlands, NC." Phew! Thanks babe!

After some additional research, I realized this was taken in the summer of 2009 on a whirlwind trip through that part of the state to check out some waterfalls and gorgeous scenery. It was also the first time we stopped in Cashiers to eat at their Wendy's. The one with an outdoor fireplace. We are nothing if not swanky.

Sure, sometimes the overlooks and sweeping vistas all run together after awhile, but that doesn't mean I would ever trade those adventures for the world. Soon, we won't be able to take the convertible out and we'll be in our SUV or our sedan and it won't be quite the same. There won't be the wind in our hair or the exhilarating rush from whipping around tight mountain curves. But we'll have Bimmer in the backseat, and that will be worth the adjustment.

And in a few years? We can get that BMW 3 series convertible Puff wants so badly. And we can share the wind with our babies.

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