Thursday, February 9, 2012

It Stings

Over on the Bower Power blog, (she is seriously the cutest girl ever) she recently put up this post...
Now, I can totally relate to the wanting to get pregnant and feeling like it will never happen phenom. Sure, it was dramatically overstated in my world since I thought it would just happen the first go round, but still. That doesn't mean my feelings were any different than hers. However, since I *am* pregnant, the whole pre-pregnancy bucket list isn't what struck me in that entry. What was it then that struck a chord?
The sting.
She mentions "the stinging pain of the wait." And her description of that is the most profoundly close description I can come up with to what I am feeling right now with trying to find a job. It feels good to not be alone in wanting something to happen RIGHT NOW, but realizing it is out of my hands. Just a good, humbling reminder that things will work out in the end. (I did have a great interview recently and was their second choice, but didn't get it because I had no specific experience and the person they chose did. I was flattered to make it that far in their selection process!) I just have to find some patience. (A shame, really, that Mr. Smith never was able to instill that virtue in me, despite years of trying!) Maybe I should come up with an "Unemployment Bucket List" of things I need to accomplish while I have the time. Hmmm.... perhaps a new blog topic just arose!
On a similar note... I have gotten so much love and support from every different angle on my "housewife debacle." It seems that everyone but me has a much more positive outlook on this situation. I've had over-worked friends tell me they are jealous of the fact that if I feel like crap in the morning, I can just roll back over and go to sleep. The overwhelming majority of comments have come from those who are already parents. They repeatedly insist that I enjoy this down-time and rest and relax and use it to get ready for the baby.
The only problem with that? I have no idea what I should be DOING to get ready for the baby three and a half months in advance! The eternal planner in me feels like I have already started everything I can at this point. Daycares are on alert. I've got a list of pediatricians to scope out. I've got our hospital orientation tour scheduled. The baby registry is in full swing. The baby showers are being planned by my awesome and amazing friends. The maternity pics are scheduled. The newborn pics are scheduled. The nursery is in progress. The clothes and toys and gizmos and gadgets are piling up. The scrapbook is being prepped.
Please, parents, tell me what I am missing!

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kimhead said...

I am not a parent, but I have plenty of friends who are... and I imagine the one common thing you will be told is to REST and RELAX. Two things that I know are hard for you to do... but you are going to get as much as you can in now, because you aren't going to get a lot in the next few years and your body is gonna need it.