Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash Bulb Friday

I keep going back and digging up photos from my "Lesbian Extravaganza Cruise" with Meghan back in 2008. Probably because the ports we hit were gorgeous and sunny. Reminissing about them in the middle of winter (no matter how mild it has been) is always nice.
This was from the streets of Old San Juan. We walked from our hotel (a ratty HoJo in the center of town... slim pickings for chain hotels in the old quarter) before dinner and headed toward the outer rampart walls of the city. This was a quiet side street en route. I loved the different colored buildings. Such charm! Such a seemingly easier life!
Now it's got me hoping we can take Bimmer on a cruise with us in a few years. So we can get her started out right on picking up some foreign countries!

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