Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Birthday Girl

The next few entries are gonna be the Bimmer show. Ya know, before we switch gears momentarily then to the Healey episodes :)
As you are well aware, Bimmer turned 3 at the end of May. I felt like we spread out her birthday celebrations for the entire month! The MIL came up for dinner and gifts one night mid-month and my parents sent her a giant box of goodies. She raked in the gear with these two, with awesome things like a suitcase, a sleeping bag, a bubble machine, puzzles, books, and this super cool magnet shape contraption.
A friend of mine who is a pastry chef hooked Bimmer up with the most delicious cookies 'n cream macaroons to share with her friends in her class to celebrate! As Rowdy put it, total "Marie Antoinette style." Spoiled much?
With Bimmer's birthday falling over Memorial Day weekend the past few years, we lucked into the Gallabrae Scottish games being in nearby Greenville. Last year, the opening parade was pretty cool, so we hit it up again this year. I was too preggers to go to the actual festival and car show this year, but hopefully next year! Regardless, Bimmer loves her "birthday parade" especially when there are Mini Coopers involved.
Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, and since we weren't planning to have a party with her friends, we wanted to cram in as many cool activities as we could. And what could be better than a little pampering? So off to the nail salon we went for Bimmer's first pedicure. She did so well! She sat and enjoyed every bit of it... from the massage to the hot towel. They even gave her little tiny flowers on her big toenails. She was sure to show them off to everyone the rest of the day!
Last year, she kept asking for a Mickey Mouse birthday. Well, she recently saw photos of that party and wanted a Minnie Mouse cake this year. So I referred to Pinterest to find something slightly different. I was in love with her cake, and so was she! And Puff loved it because I let him pick the flavor combo - chocolate with raspberry filling. The girl loved us singing happy birthday to her!
That night, we grilled out, had dinner on the deck, and then my J.Crew & Vineyard Vines clad family pitched a tent... because what else would you do?
Puff has been wanting to take Bimmer "camping" in the backyard since last year. I convinced him that it was better to wait until she was old enough to appreciate it, and turning 3 was the perfect time. Thankfully, the MIL gave her a new princess sleeping bag to use. They went out about 9pm with their books and water bottles and flashlights, and stayed outside until around 8am. Puff said she woke up asking to read more books before coming inside. So, my sweet girl actually hit the 3 year old mark at 4:53am while in a tent in our backyard!
When she came inside, I had hung streamers from almost all the doorways in the house for her to run through. I wished I had been able to sneak out to get some balloons. Oh well - maybe next year. Did you think Puff and I forgot to give her anything for a gift? Nope... we gave her the best hand-me-down gift we could think of... my old dollhouse.
Of course she doesn't know yet that it had been mine, but J-Really gave it an interior facelift with some new paint and wallpaper and Bimmer is loving it! It warms my heart that my girl is going to get some use and some fun out of something that I had loved so much when I was little. Here's hoping she keeps it in good shape so her little sister can enjoy it some day too.
All told - I think turning 3 went OK for Bimmer. Now I can start to contemplate what we are going to do for her 4th birthday! I have promised her a party with friends. For some reason, I want a flamingo theme. I guess I've got roughly a year to figure that one out though. And at what point do I let her have some input?

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