Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project 52: Week 5

Our chunky monkey is one growing girl! She had her one month well-baby visit and she weighs in at 10 pounds 11 ounces. She is also back up to 22 inches long, which means she has regained the "height" she lost after her hematoma went down. Speaking of which, the doctor said that her head looked and felt great! Such a relief. Now Puff won't have to be up at night worrying about that.
Due to some tummy troubles (which lead to some, um, diaper situations that lead to, um, some needing of both Mommy and Daddy to change clothes) Bimmer stumbled into big girl territory by being introduced to juice. Giving her that bottle was so cute. Her eyes got really big and she sucked down every last drop. Apple juice is "da bomb" to a one month old apparently. She's probably wondering why in the heck we had been depriving her of that for so long!

Her umbilical cord also (finally) fell out and we were able to give her that first "real" bath. We had gone back and forth on what type of baby bathing contraption to use and opted for a seat that we can sit in the tub. She loved it! She liked the warm water getting poured over her and was completely content to let me shampoo her hair and rinse it off. The only thing she doesn't like is when I try to clean the little neck folds under her chin. But I can't blame her... I still hate people touching my neck!
She still tries to fake me out with burp-like noises. She has started to suck on her hands and arms, especially when we have her up against our chest. But the cutest thing she does is when she giggles in her sleep. I hope that never stops!

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The Fischer Family said...

She's such a sweetie! Bri had a very large hematoma on her head (the size of a large egg) so I understand that concern. At least she and Bimmer have enough hair no one else would ever notice! :-)