Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Should Just Raise Alpacas

We've all been there. That nagging desire to pull the covers up over your head and stay that way until Saturday. The moaning and groaning you do in your head (or out loud) as you get ready and put on those uncomfortable clothes. The cement blocks that develop over your shoes as you drag yourself to your car. Yup... going to a job you hate every day totally sucks donkey balls.

Unfortunately, right now, Puff is in that situation.

And it kills me.

In the spring of 2011, Puff and I were presented with an impossible scenario: Transfer to Detroit with his current job or hope and pray something else came up at his company. We took our chances. There was no way I was about to move to Detroit. (Seriously, why would anyone want to move to Michigan?!?!) We were thrilled when they restructured and created a new department and Puff was offered a job and we were guaranteed to be able to stay in South Carolina.

Then July 2011 hit. And the shit hit the fan with it. The job was not what it was advertised to be. The structure of the company is all wonky and their policies piss me off so bad, it's hard to hear Puff talk about it sometimes. He goes to work frustrated every morning and comes home pissed off every night. He can't focus on anything else. Even during "The Lion King" he whispered to me that he was thinking about work.

It breaks my heart.

But right now, he is the sole bread-winner in this family. Bimmer and I depend upon him and his paycheck. I pray every single day that he is able to keep his cool and keep his job. I pray that we will be able to find him something new, and quickly. We aren't sure if we want that job to be here in SC or back home in The Fort, but we just want some stability to return to our lives. His distaste for his job is putting a strain on our marriage and keeping him from spending enough quality time with Bimmer.

I don't even dare think about my own unemployment status. That scares me more than anything. Thankfully, Bimmer has been keeping my days busy and purpose-filled.

We are in a new season of our lives. We are on the cusp of having to make some big, major, life choices that could lead to some insane changes from our norm. Who's along for the ride?

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