Monday, July 9, 2012

I Heart Gays

You've heard it before. I hate politics. I probably mentioned it sometime last year when I randomly met Newt Gingrich and he told me that he liked my shirt.

The reason I hate politics? It's just too intense for me. The bickering and the fighting and the whining and crying and he-said-she-said bullshit. Plus, since I am crazy opinionated, it probably rubs me wrong that other insanely opinionated people are on a world scale trying to force their beliefs on the masses. Dude... just get a blog and be done with it.

Political issues also turn perfectly normal, sane, reasonable people into maniacs. The conservative religious friend starts posting tirades on their Facebook page. The liberal activist friend starts chaining themselves to a park bench. And I just sit at home, being a good housewife, getting my political news from John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

If I had to classify myself, I would say I am fiscally conservative and (on some issues) socially liberal. I am anti-abortion, but pro-choice. I am pro-gun, but also pro-stricter gun control laws. I don't think they use corporal punishment enough. I like my money and want to keep it, rather than give it out to welfare programs or taxes. I don't fit into any certain category and will never, ever, agree 100% with one party or another. (Quite frankly, I think people who say they do are lying. Neither side is always right about everything. Think with your own brain, dammit!)

Right... so what prompted this rant? The early May vote from North Carolina that bans same-sex marriage.

Like I just mentioned a few paragraphs up... I hate politics. I try to keep it out of my daily life. I try to avoid it at all cost. That's usually pretty simple, since I make it a point to never discuss it with anyone other than my husband. And even then, Puff sometimes gets so intense I've got to tune him out. But there is that one issue that always gets under my skin... gay marriage.

I want to jump up and down and throw a temper tantrum and punch people in the face and scream from the rooftops.... LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE!!!!!

Perhaps it's because of my lack of following politics and how it all works, but it just baffles me that this is even an issue in today's society. I feel like I'm stuck in the 1860s and we're discussing slavery. Or the days of "separate but equal." Because, there is not one human being out there who could convince me that banning gay marriage is not flat out discrimination, bigotry, and pure hatred toward our fellow man.


Ok... so I get why it's a religious issue, but we're not out there voting on whether or not your individual church has to sanction and perform these weddings. Nope. Not at all. It's a state issue. Your religion should play no part in the decision. Aren't we supposed to separate church and state? Or did I miss something in high school history class? Just because you don't agree with it personally, doesn't mean that you should ban those who DO agree with it! It's how I approach my stance on abortion. Could I ever do it personally? Never in a million frickin' years! But do I think the government has a right to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body? Nope. Therefore, when it comes to the polls, I'm pro-choice.

Why can't these religious zealots and crazies look at it from that perspective? They're not living in these people's houses. It's not affecting them personally! Why can't they just all take a chill pill and say, "Hey... I don't want to be in a gay marriage, but if others want to, then so be it." IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!! I will put a disclaimer here that I understand not all these crazies are religious fanatics. I'm not trying to insult anyone's religion either. Why? Because that would be flat out discrimination, bigotry, and pure hatred toward our fellow man!

In closing... North Carolina got it wrong. All the other states who have banned gay marriage have gotten it wrong. I just don't see how someone could sleep at night knowing they have voted on something that can literally tear apart families, ruin chances for good, honest, people, and take away basic human rights. As Puff always says... don't gay people deserve to be as unhappy in marriage as the rest of us?

Touche' dear husband.

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The Fischer Family said...

Ă€men sister! As someone with a gay father, 2 gay brothers and lots of gay friends I too agree that they should be able to be just as unhappy as the rest of us! And I also don't understand why religion has to be involved. I'm beginning to think seperation of church and state no longer exsists in this country.