Friday, July 13, 2012

Project 52 - Week 7

It seems there have been some changes this past week. Bimmer’s little bit of baby acne is finally going away and the peeling on her hands and feet has stopped. Except we’ve developed our first tiny bit of diaper rash. Here’s hoping that will go away soon!

She’s also started smiling at us, which is so awesome. She has always smiled a bit in her sleep (along with those giggles) and sometimes when she’s gassy. But both Puff and I have had a few brilliant moments of her giving us a full-face smile when we are smiling or talking to her. The more often that happens, the bigger our hearts grow.

We also had our first incident with baby fingernails. I had been trimming them occasionally since her birth, but didn’t realize how long they had gotten. Just as we got back from Florida, the poor girl scratched her nose and right under her eye. Then Puff and I tag-teamed Bimmer to cut them… and I managed to snag her skin on her left hand, so Puff took over on the right hand. He snagged her skin on two fingers. The poor girl was actually bleeding and was crying so hard, her face was purple. Talk about a stab in our hearts! We will definitely have to find a better tactic next time.

The past few days, I have also noticed changes in the way she interacts with us and plays by herself. She now follows a rattle or toy with her head when you move it around. She even laughed at a frog toy one day when I was singing and making up songs and making it dance around for her. I’ve even caught her staring at her fist and watching the ceiling fans. She’s always been a crazy alert baby, but it’s so neat to finally realize she’s discovering and learning about new things.

I’m now taking suggestions on when and what to do with her to get her to sleep longer during the night. I just feel like it’s time for her to start sleeping in longer stretches. Although I say that, and she’s actually started to go to 3 ½ hour stretches at night, which are her longest consecutive yet. I’ve started trying to put her down in her crib when she falls asleep, to which she will immediately wake up. We’ve had a few successful nights of her laying in her crib cooing and kicking around for awhile, eventually putting herself to sleep. Although it’s near impossible for me to get to sleep then in the room with her. But hey… I figure persistence is a good thing, right?

Update: Since I pre-wrote this, Bimmer slept from 9pm until 3:30am last night without getting up! I definitely don’t expect that to happen every night from now on, but it sure gives me hope! Now if we could just get her poor tummy issues under control.

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The Fischer Family said...

Bordeauxs Buttpaste...the BEST diaper rash cream in the world!! Buy stock in it!
I hate cutting baby nails! In our house it's Steven's job! I just can't do it!
As far as sleeping the only way she will learn to sleep through the night is to put her down when she's awake. She might cry but that's OK. I promise it's not bad for her. She will cry less and less with time (and it will take time) but at her age I wouldn't let her cry longer than 15 minutes. Believe'll be harder for you than her but she'll get it and then she'll be able to soothe herself back to sleep at night!
Good luck!!