Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project 52 - Week 8

Eight whole weeks?!? Really?!?! As in, if I were still working at my old job, I would be thinking about getting ready to go back to work already?!?

Wowza. Glad I don't have that hanging over my head! So happy to be focusing on my growing girl!

We have her two month well-baby visit coming up. I'll post her stats in next week's update. Anyone want to guess how much this chunkster weighs? I definitely think she's over 11 pounds. Either way, she's getting heavy to carry around for very long!
The biggest change since last week is that at some feedings, she takes 4 ounces really fast and within an hour, she wants 2 more. We tried switching her formula to a sensitive kind, to help her stomach problems, but it actually made it worse. To hear your baby scream in pain while she is eating is a horrible, horrible thing. (We have since switched her back til we talk it over with the doc.) There has been lots of juice this week, but she doesn't seem to mind. I think she probably likes that it's cold, especially on these hot SC July days. I will say, deciding to NOT heat bottles was such a smart move. The day we had to make her a bottle at a festival in the mountains with cold water, I was so worried! But she took it like a champ! Could you imagine if we had had to heat it up? Such a pain! Minimalist baby-raising at its best.
She is smiling more and more, which is so awesome. She likes it when you play peek-a-boo with a cloth over her face. She just smiles and smiles. She laughs at Puff when he sticks his tongue out at her. She also continues to think tummy time is more about learning to move her legs to crawl than holding her head up. Don't get me wrong, she holds her head up, especially when you're holding her. But tummy time on her mat on the floor? No... she just turns her head to one side, lifts her butt in the air, and kicks and wiggles her legs as much as she can. I really need to get it on video. It's so cute. (Although, I'm pretty biased. Everything she does is pretty cute.)

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