Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We All Need Big Metal Chickens

While every other woman in the civilized world was busy spending April getting her rocks off reading "Fifty Shades of Gray," I was enthralled in another book that was much more fitting for me. One that contained much less tampon-removing S&M porn scenarios.

My baby-namer friend, Trish, had introduced me to The Bloggess a few years back and when I found out she was publishing a memoir, "Let's Pretend This Never Happened," I was elated. There are days when her blog can literally reduce me to tears of laughter where I'm grasping for air. There are others, where she talks candidly about her depression, where I relate to every word and feel better knowing I'm not alone. (Depression Lies, people.)
Kimhead gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble for my 30th birthday with explicit instructions to use it on Jenny Lawson's book when it came out. I was more than happy to oblige and was giddy to come out of the store with the new book in hand. (I do totally love a hardcover book. Still no Kindle in this household.) And she did not disappoint. I had read parts of some stories previously on her blog, but that didn't matter. There were lots of new antecdotes, stories, laughs, and tears. Reading her makes you feel a bit more.... normal.
I didn't grow up with a taxidermist for a father who would put raccoons in the bathtub or let a cougar loose in the house. But that doesn't mean I couldn't relate. No, I've never had to bury my dog, only to have vultures start to dig it up, and then have to witness my dog "rise from the dead." But I can relate to the fact that her good friend dropped everything and came to her rescue when she saw she was in desperate need. I read that chapter during an exceptionally hard week, where I was battling with a severe case of depression. The kind of week where the smallest thing would reduce me to tears and I felt alone and ashamed and desperate. Somehow, that chapter just made me laugh. And it made me grateful. And it gave me hope to get through to the next day. Yes, sometimes, reading about someone's dead dog in a cooler will just brighten your day.
So, now that I'm assuming all of you women have finished your "mommy porn" and would perhaps like something a bit different, then I highly recommend you go pick up "Let's Pretend This Never Happened." It's an easy and fun read, yet will make you think and evaluate your own life. Really, it'll just make you happy to have your life, instead of hers. And maybe that's a good thing.

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