Friday, July 27, 2012

Project 52 - Week 9

Gosh, Mom... Quit taking so many pictures!

We officially have a chunkster on our hands! Miss Bimmer weighed in at 12 pounds, 11 1/2 ounces at her two month well-baby visit. Or well, that's what we think the scale said, since she was Miss Wigglebutt and the number kept jumping around! That puts her in the 85% and her height of 23 1/2 inches puts her in the 93%. I can't believe she gained a whole inch and a half in length in just a month! She's going to be a tall one. Or so we hope!
Doc Hottie did officially diagnose Bimmer with some fancy term that basically means "baby strains to poop." So we're working on sorting that out. There shall be prune juice in our future. (Unlike other Mommy-bloggers I read, I have no qualms talking about poop. You're welcome.) We also got some tips on sleeping (we need to put her on her side more cause her head is starting to get flat) and that Puff needs to not sleep with her in the chair anymore. It's time to put her down in her big girl crib. It's time to let her cry it out sometimes.
She also got her first shots and she did really well. I even kept her Tweety Bird bandaids on all day just because they were too cute. (Of course I took a picture too. Baby's first bandaids!)
Oh yeah, and Doc Hottie was sporting some scruff this visit. Nice, Doc Hottie. Very nice.
Oh wait... this blog isn't about him is it? ::insert halo::
Outside of that, Bimmer has now officially been to 7 (yes, SEVEN) different states. Mommy was soooo excited to mark those off on her map in her scrapbook! We hit the road back to The Fort to show off the baby to my extended family and awesome lifelong friends. I promise to post about that trip soon. Right after I get around to posting about our trip to Florida that happened like a month ago. Hey... I'm the mom of a two month old. Cut me some slack. She's the most demanding boss I've ever had!

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