Monday, July 30, 2012

Do I Really Need That?

Well, two whole months have passed since Bimmer's arrival. Therefore, this whole being a mom thing is totally old hat by now. I'm such a pro. (Insert riotous laughter.)

One thing that I do want to share, now that I've had these 8+ weeks under my belt, is a list of must-haves and you-can-skips. (Of course this is just my opinion. I could be wrong.)
Things I Thought I Needed, But Didn't...
Newborn Sized Anything: Thankfully, I kinda knew our baby was going to be a big one. Therefore, the only newborn sized stuff we had were a pack of white onesies and one sleeper I had gotten on sale at Target for $5. Don't worry, I had kept the tags attached and stapled the receipt to it, so I was able to return it!
Swing/Bouncy Seat: Every mother suggested one or the other. Or both. However, Puff and I are trying to be as minimalist as possible with this child-rearing stuff. So we thought we had hit the jackpot when we found a combo travel swing and vibrating seat. It's low profile and takes up a small space in our living room... conveniently between the TV console and the armchair. The problem? Bimmer doesn't like to swing. Nor does she like to vibrate. I can't quite understand how the sensation is much different than us pushing her in her stroller or driving her around in the car. She loves to do that and it puts her right to sleep. Try to have her swing so Puff and I can eat dinner together? Ha! Never in a million years. The only thing it's been good for? She naps in it during the afternoon. Stationary. As in, not swinging. Not bouncing. I could've saved myself some cash and just put her in her dang car seat!

White Onesies: Every baby needs these, right? And tons of them? Well, wrong. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that Bimmer was a summer baby, but she's worn white onesies about 3 times. And one of those times was in the hospital. I'm sure we'll be wearing more of them in the fall and winter as we have to layer. But for now? They were a waste. A friend's sister supposedly always puts her baby in only a white onesie. How cruel when there are so many cute colored and patterned ones out there! Ya know, just because it says "Girls Rock" on the front of it doesn't make it any harder to put on!
Baby Pants: All those cute layette sets come with coordinating pants. And all the Carter's clothes this season were in coordinating colors, so they all went so well together. Yet, I've got about 6 pairs of 0-3 month pants that she has never worn. Again, I'm pretty sure this has to do with being a summer baby. Either that or I'm a horrible mom for just letting her chill in a onesie all day without pants. I figure it's cute to do it at this age. Not so much in 18 years.
Gowns: In theory, what a rock star idea. You don't have to bother with snaps to get to those middle of the night dirty diapers. My BFF handed down a few to us and we were eager to try them. She wore a gown one night, for about two hours. I don't remember the exact trigger, but they made Puff violent. So violent, he had to change her. ::shrug::
Hooded Towels: Yes, they are soooo cute. I loved giving her that first sponge bath at home and having her wrapped up in the pink towel with the fish on the hood. Except, they're so thin! A normal towel works so much better. But that's not to say I won't be busting those puppies out once she can walk. I figure she'll be pretty darn cute wrapped up in one walking around after her bath!
Baby Gear I Love...
Pack 'n Play: I plan to do an entire review on this at some point in the future, but the Phil & Ted's 8 pound version of the typical 20+ pound behemoths was totally worth it.
Receiving Blankets: Not just any blankets either. Aden & Anais. Even though Bimmer isn't always a fan of being swaddled, they are hands down the best blankets out there. The main reason? They're HUGE! They're the only ones big enough to actually swaddle her in now at this size. Plus, they are so light and breathable that throwing one over her legs in the car seat or stroller doesn't make her melt. They're also big enough to throw over the entire top of the car seat when we are in a store with strange people who want to randomly touch my baby. (Keep your grimy mits to yourself!)
Frame Stroller: Taking our minimalist approach to parenting and adding in our severe hatred of giant strollers, Puff and I are so happy to report that we love our Graco frame stroller. I'm not sure it will hold up forever, but it makes taking Bimmer in and out of the car so much easier. It's light-weight and super easy to open and close. Plus, we're not those annoying ass parents who think the sidewalk is theirs to conquer and we can easily maneuver without hitting anyone's heels in a crowd.

Gear I Wish I Had Thought To Buy...
Newborn Sleeper: I actually had never heard of this until after Bimmer was a few weeks old. With our whole wanting to limit the amount of baby gear thought process, a bassinet-type item seemed redundant, since we already had her crib. Problem is, even 8 weeks into life, Bimmer's not crazy keen on her crib. I think it still feels too vast for her. While I manage to get her to sleep in it most nights, for at least a few hours, Puff doesn't even try. He just holds her or puts her in her Boppy on the bed. Having one of these "rock 'n play sleepers" would probably give Bimmer the security she wants, without taking up too much space in The Bungalow. Make a note for baby #2.

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